FiberPlex 6 Port 10/100/1000 Ethernet Switch – 4 Copper Ports with 2 SFP Optical Ports TIS-8632

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Elegantly simple yet packed with an advanced feature set, the FiberPlex Technologies TIS-8632 is a powerful 6 Port 10/100/1000 Ethernet Switch. The unit features (4) RJ-45 UTP ports as well as (2) flexible SFP ports. The TIS-8632 is part of the FiberPlex TD Import Series. Two or more TIS-8632 can be chained together via fiber to provide a distributed solution where isolation, distance, security and/or noise immunity is needed between nodes. Locally, an 8 copper x 2 optical switch can be created using a Passive SFP Cable Assembly between SFP ports. This cable saves cost by replacing (2) optical modules and a fiber cable with an inexpensive copper jumper. While this solution is only good for very short ‘jumper’ lengths, it provides flexibility for local port expansion.

The TIS-8632 is housed in the commercial ‘Throw Down’ packaging. This version is designed to be a work horse unit in various commercial and industrial environments. It is powered either by a 9VDC AC power adapter (included) or via bussed power supplied through an integrated three pin Phoenix™ connector. Up to three TIS-8632 units can be installed in the optional 1U TDR-01 rack shelf or DIN rail mounted.

IEEE 802.3-2008 GbE support

The flexibility of the SFP ports allows for full 1000BASE-X support as defined by the IEEE 802.3-2008 standard. Simply by selecting the appropriate SFP module according to the chart below, a standards compatible GbE port can be created. Each SFP can actually be configured separately, this can be useful if neworks based on two different standards needs to be bridged.

Copper UTP RJ-45 Interface
IEEE Standard Cable Data Rate IEEE Max Distance
10BASE-T CAT-3 or better 10 Mbps 100 m
100BASE-T CAT-5 or better 100 Mbps 100 m
1000BASE-T CAT-5e or better 1000 Mbps 100 m
Optical SFP Interface
IEEE Standard FiberPlex SFP Fiber Type ? (nm) Avg Transmitter Power (dBm) Receiver Sensitivity (dBm) IEEE Max Distance
1000BASE-CX FC-QDAXX1-0-1M Copper n/a n/a n/a 25 m
1000BASE-SX SFP-MC24XC-8585-0 Multimode 850 -6 -18 500 m
1000BASE-LX SFP-MC24XC-3131-2 Multimode 1310 -11 -24 500 m
1000BASE-LX SFP-MC24XC-3131-2 Singlemode 1310 -11 -24 2 km
1000BASE-LX10 SFP-SC24XC-3131-B Singlemode 1310 -6 -25 20 km
1000BASE-EX SFP-SC24XC-3131-C Singlemode 1310 -2.5 -25 40 km
1000BASE-ZX SFP-SC24XC-5555-F Singlemode 1550 +2.5 -25 70 km
1000BASE-BX10 SFP-SC24BD-4931-B Singlemode 1490/1310 -6 -25 20 km
1000BASE-T SFP-RTGTXC-0000-0 Copper n/a n/a n/a 100 m


Typical Applications

   Remote Network

Distributed WiFi

IP Video

Secure Conference Room

Additional information

Weight 5.00 lbs
Dimensions 5.00 × 5.00 × 5.00 in

TIS-8632-C, TIS-8632-L22, TIS-8632-L5B


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  • 6 Ports – (4) 10/100/1000BASE-T Copper and (2) 1000BASE-X Optical
  • Flow control for full duplex and half duplex
  • Supports up to 10k byte JUMBO frame
  • Includes power adapter as well as a 3-position Phoenix™


  • VOIP
  • Physical Security
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Industrial Controls
  • Networked Audio


  Min Typ Max unit
Environmental Storage Temperature (°C) -40 85 °C
Operating Temperature (°C) 0 50 °C
Power Requirement Voltage Range 9 VDC
Supply Current 1340 mA
Phoenix™ Mating Plug 3 Position Power(P/N  1827716) Wire Accepted 14 28 AWG
Nominal Voltage 300 V
Nominal Current 8 A
Power Adapter Connection Standard 5.5 x 2.1 mm DC barrel, center positive
External SFP Interface Min Typ Max Unit
Data Rate 1.25 Gbps
Recommended Jitter 40 Psec
Operating Voltage 3.3   VDC
Maximum Current 500 mA
Optical Modules SFP MSA (SFF-8431, SFF-8432, SFF-8433) compliant slot, data rate 1.25 Gbps OC24
Case Dimensions Length Width Height Weight
TIS-8632 5.63 in (143 mm) 5.50 in (140 mm) 1.66 in (42 mm) 0.6 lb (0.3 kg)

Ordering Information


TIS-8632-C Unit with no SFP modules included
TIS-8632-L22 Unit with (2) 1310 nm Multimode SFP modules (SFP-MC24XC-3131-2) included. Conforms to IEEE 1000BASE-LX standard.
TIS-8632-L5B Unit with (2) 1310 nm Singlemode SFP Modules (SFP-SC24XC-3131-B) included. Conforms to IEEE 1000BASE-LX10 standard.