Draytek Vigor 2800V ADSL2/2+ Modem/Router w/VoIP, Firewall, VPN

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Draytek Vigor2800V ADSL 2/2+ Modem/Router with VoIP, VPN, and Firewall

30 Day Free Trial of SurfControlThe DrayTek Vigor2800V is a combined Voice Over IP ADSL router for Internet access, firewall, VPN device and Ethernet switch. The DrayTek Vigor Vigor2800V includes features such as VLAN, QoS, Content filtering, VPN support for up to 32 tunnels and a USB printer port and support for all current ADSL technologies.

Excellent for residential, SOHO (Small office and Home Office) and SMB (Small to Medium) business users, the DrayTek Vigor 2800V is an ADSL2/2+ enabled integrated access device. With downstream speeds up to 12Mbps (ADSL2) or 24Mbps (ADSL2+). The DrayTek Vigor 2800V provides exceptional bandwidth* for internet access. (* note: the available bandwidth depends on your specific Internet Service Provider)

Selectable QoS Assurance
The DrayTek Vigor 2800V supports selectable QoS (Quality of Service). This enables you to select specific protocols/services to have guaranteed levels of your Internet bandwidth. For example, if you need POP3 email to have priority, you could specify that 50% of your download (or upload, or both) bandwidth is reserved for POP3 when required. When it's not being used by POP3, the bandwidth is available for all other traffic. The DrayTek Vigor2800V is very flexible on QoS – you can set several groups of services to have different priorities and bandwidth reservations.

Voice Over IP
Voice-over IP (VoIP), is one of the hottest communications technologies being adapted for transmission over broadband technologies.

If you regularly make long-distance phone calls, chances are you've already used IP telephony without even knowing it. VoIP is the transmission of telephone calls over a data network like one of the many networks that make up the Internet. While you may of heard of VoIP, what you may not know is that many traditional telephone companies are already using it in the connections between their regional offices.

The DrayTek 2800V allows a simple, cost-effective solution to take advantage of this exicting technology.

Product Features
This Product Includes a 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty! Highlights

  • Easy Internet-sharing via ADSL, ADSL2/2+ connection
  • Robust firewall to help protect your network from external attacks
  • Powerful VPN facilities provide deployment of linked branch offices and teleworkers
  • Comprehensive business features such as VLAN, Bandwidth Control, Advanced Content Filtering
  • Wireless LAN data rate up to 108Mbps with Super G technology

Comprehensive Routing Facilities include:

  • Internet Protocols : PPP (RFC 1661), PPPoE (RFC 2516), PPPoA (RFC2364), IPoA (RFC1577/RFC2225)
  • LAN Protocols : ARP, Proxy ARP, IP, ICMP, IGMP, UDP, TCP
  • Authentication Protocols : PAP, CHAP, MS-CHAP
  • Dynamic Routing with support for RIP-1, RIP-2 and RRP (RFC2338)
  • Static Routing (manually configurable)
  • DNS Proxy & Cache

Firewall and Security Features
The Draytek Vigor 2800V includes full packet-level firewall facilities, not just the inherrent 'NAT' security and port-blocking of other routers. This includes 'keep state' packet methods; put simply, this means that when a packet is sent out, a reciprocal record is kept to allow a packet coming back in the opposite direction, but a default 'deny' policy means that any packet arriving which appears unsolicited won't get through. The DrayTek Vigor 2800V also features automatic protection from Dos/DDos (Denial of Service/Distributed Denial of Service) attacks and IP anti-spoofing. User-definable filters also allow you to add additional protection to your connection. For added confidence, potential or foiled attacks are logged and can be reported via the router's syslog facility.

  • Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall
    – Packet filtering based on port, source IP address, destination IP address, MAC address, (ICMP/TCP/UDP)
    – DoS, DDos attacks prevention (IP Spoofing, Land Attack,Smurf Attack, Ping of Death, TCP SYN flooding)
    – E-mail alert and logging via syslog
  • Disable Firewall Option
  • Content Filtering
  • – Instand Messenger/P2P blocking
    – URL key word blocking
    – Java applet, cookies, Active X, compressed, executable, multimedia file blocking
    – Time schedule

VPN (Virtual Private Network) Features
The Draytek Vigor 2800V 32 Tunnel VPN Engine enables you to connect your network (LAN) to another private network, via the public Internet, or for remote teleworkers to access your LAN securely via the Internet. A secure 'tunnel' is established and as you are making use of an existing Internet connection, there are no long distance phone charges or huge leased line costs typical of LAN links. The Draytek Vigor 2800V supports industry standard PPTP and IPSec VPN protocols, with DES/3DES encryption. Each VPN tunnel can route to multiple private subnets at the remote site.

  • Support up to 32 simultaneous tunnels
  • High-performance IPSec 3DES encryption
    – MPPE, DES (56-bit) and 3DES (168-bit) encryption, AES (256-bit) encryption
    – Authenication MD5 & SHA-1
    – Diffie-Hellman Group 768-bit & 1024-bit
    – Key Management: Auto Internet Key Exchange (IKE) w/ Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS)
    – PKI (X.509) certificate support
    – Operation Mode: Main & Aggressive
  • Single-session Virtual Private Network (VPN) Pass-through (IPSec, L2TP), PPTP
  • Radius Support for dial-in teleworker profiles

Voice-Over-IP Features

  • Versatile dedicated DSP processor for VOIP codec functions
  • Toll-quality voice performance
  • Modular Design of VoIP SLIC / DAA module board
  • (SLIC supports FXS mode, DAA supports FXO mode)
  • Industry Standard VOIP & Compression Protocols
    – SIP
    – G.711 A – Law / u – Law
    – G.726 ( 40, 32, 24 & 16 kbps )
    – G.723.1 ( TrueSpeech / Annex A VAD / CNG )
    – G.729A & B ( VAD / CNG )
    – Fixed gain control
    – G.168 Line Electrical Echo cancellation
    – Jitter Buffer ( 125 ms )
  • Compatible with 3rd party VoIP Gateway (assuming common protocols)
  • Toll Quality Voice with QoS implementation for VOIP including
    – Low latency queuing ( LLQ )
    – Policy-based routing
    – Random Early Detection
  • Support for VoIP through VPN tunnels

NAT (Network Address Translation) Features

  • Simultanous Non-NAT & NAT mode
  • Many-to-One (NAT)
  • Many-to-Many (Multi-NAT)
  • Full Routing (Non-NAT)

Management Features

  • Web Based Interface (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • – Simple Installation Wizard
  • CLI (Command Line Interface, Telnet/SHH)
  • System performance and status monitoring
  • – Built-in Diagnostic Function
  • Administration access control
  • Remote Management via Web services
  • Syslog Support
  • Configuration backup/restore
  • Firmware upgrade via TFTP/FTP
  • SNMP management MIB-II Support

Bandwidth Control and Quailty of Service

  • Wireless rate-control
  • Wired & Wireless VLAN Support
    – 4 VLANs
  • Class-based bandwidth guarantee by user-defined traffic categories
  • Support of four priority-levels
  • Support of DiffServ Codepoint classifying

Printer Server

  • USB Printer Server
    – USB Port Version 1.1
    – Compatible with most printers with a USB Port
    – Unidirectional Only
    – Compatibility USB Printer List

LAN Ports

  • 4-Port RJ-45 10/100 Ethernet switch
    – Auto Sensing / Manual Selection
    – Auto Uplink
    – VLAN 802.1q Support

WAN Ports

  • RJ-11 ADSL Port
    – Built-in ADSL 2/2+ Modem
    – G.dmt: 8Mbps downstream, 832Kbps upstream
    – G.lite: 1.5Mbps downstream, 512Kbps upstream
    – ADSL2: 12Mbps downstream, 1Mbps upstream
    – ADSL2+: 24Mbps downstream, 1Mbps upstream

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ADSL 2/2+ Modem/Router with VoIP, VPN, and Firewall


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