Versatek VX-1000HDZ 48 Port ADSL2+ Mini IP DSLAM



Versatek VX-1000HDZ 48 Port ADSL2+ IP DSLAM with built-in splitters

The VX-1000HDZ is an advanced IP based DSLAM that can be used by service providers interested in offering broadband multi-service features. It enables high bandwidth, high quality data and voice transmission for applications such as multimedia and video streaming, interactive paid TV channels, online gaming, video conferencing, telecommunication, VoIP and distance learning.


Verstek VX-1000HDz 48 Port ADSL2+ Mini DSLAM Front Panel View

Hardware Features

  • Compact design in nearly one RU Height unit
  • Service capacity expansion via units Stacking
  • Two 100/1000Base Combo Gigabit Ethernet uplink network interfaces
  • 48-ADSL2+ ports with built-in POTS Splitter
  • Non-blocking switching fabric and wire-speed switching capability
  • On board LEDs for system status indications
  • Dual power supply modes, DC and AC
  • High reliability design
  • SELT and DELT Subscriber Loop testing

Software Features

  • Subscriber traffic isolation among ADSL2+ line ports
  • Subscriber rate limiting
  • Configurable mapping between VLAN tag and ATM PVC RFC 2684 multi-protocol over AAL5, RFC 2516 PPPoE packet forwarding
  • IEEE 802.1D spanning tree bridging
  • IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging, IGMP snooping and GVRP
  • IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation on network interface
  • Windows based and GUI management system with different user access levels
  • Remote system configuration by using Telnet, SNMP v1/v2c management
  • In-band management channel
  • QoS for IEEE 802.1p priority queues
  • OAM F5 fault diagnostic

VX-1000HDz 48 Port ADSL2+ Mini DSLAM Applications

With the ADSL CPE connecting to VX-1000HDZ Series, IP packets will be encapsulated in accordance of traffic management with QoS to guarantee the connection quality.

The Versatek VX-1000HDZ IP-DSLAM has ability to transparently the protocols from ADSL CPE or end user PC to service applications such as PPPoE (RFC 2516), RFC 2684 Bridge, and L2TP, L2F, PPTP, IP-Sec, and tunneling.


Typical VX-1000HDz 48 Port ADSL2+ Mini DSLAM Application

The ISP below is offering VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to corporations.

The retail business is currently selling only high-speed Internet access to residential consumers but wants to offer some value-add services to the current offerings with the proper device supporting the VPN applications for small-to-medium business.

The VX-1000HDZ IP DSLAM securely transfers their tunnel protocol to upper layer broadband router.


VX-1000HDz 48 Port ADSL2+ Mini DSLAM VPN Application


Additional information

Weight 15.00 lbs
Dimensions 12.00 × 12.00 × 12.00 in


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