DrayTek Vigor 3300V+ Multi WAN Multi Service Router

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DrayTek Vigor 3300V+ Quick Features

  • 4 WAN/DMZ ports for Internet/LAN facing configuration providing greater total bandwidth capacity or fault-tolerance
  • Intelligent Multi-WAN utilization for load-balancing and failover backup
  • Ethernet port based VLANs for data security or efficient file sharing
  • Integration of FXO/FXS/ISDN interface module for various telephony needs
  • Quality of Service (QoS) for prioritizing bandwidth for essential applications
  • CSM (Content Security Management) for keeping confidential and essential data from modification or theft
  • High performance VPN server – up to 200 simultaneous VPN sessions
  • EMS central management and user-friendly WUI for easing admin tasks
  • Multiple Subnet Support

The DrayTek Vigor 3300V+ serves as multi WAN solution and professional VPN gateway designed to facilitate SMB/s HQ and remote sites at the same time.

For HQ/Main office
With four 10/100 Mb WAN/DMZ ports which can be configured as either an Internet-facing WAN interface or as a LAN-facing physical DMZ, the combination of WAN interface ports enables you use multiple Internet connections to provide greater total bandwidth capacity or fault-tolerance.

For remote sites
Employees in remote sites that need to have VPN connection to their HQ in order to execute their assignments. Most single teleworkers can use the VPN capabilities embedded in their Phone / PC / notebook. The branch offices/small offices can make use of other Vigor routers (or other brand VPN) for the VPN termination.

VLAN & Multiple LAN Subnets
The Vigor3300V+ provides Ethernet port based VLANs, where each of the four LAN (RJ45/Ethernet) ports can be defined into distinct or common groups-i.e. isolated or joined to each other. That would provide SMB the flexibility to either secure corporate confidential data or escalate information sharing between teams/Depts. Moreover, the Vigor3300V+ supports up to four independent LAN-side private IP subnets, with the Vigor providing each with its own DHCP server.


Load Balancing
Vigor3300V+ distributes WAN traffic requests evenly in basic load-balancing mode. Two LAN users can download at 256Kb/s simultaneously if you have two 256Kb/s feeds. You can select traffic preferences for the load balancing, selecting specific Internet feeds for choosing types of traffic (e.g. VPN, VoIP), by source/destination IP address or UDP/TCP port ranges.

Vigor3300V+ can intelligently switch to secondary/backup Internet feed to remain SMB's productivity once the primary Internet feed drops. Those WAN ports of Vigor3300V+ can also be configured to back up the primary Internet feed and only activate while the primary Internet feed drops. The backup WAN port will go idle again once the primary Internet feed is restored.

Bandwidth Management & QoS
The administrators can set Quality of Service (QoS) preferences to utilize bandwidth efficiently for essential applications.

For example, the Vigor3300V+ grants highest priority to Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephony so that VoIP calls can be made with crystal-clear quality. In contrast, administrators set a maximum percentage of your bandwidth for P2P(e.g. movie downloading) or FTP downloads for remaining your valuable bandwidth.

Security without Compromise
The enterprise-level CSM (Content Security Management) embedded in Vigor3300V+ enables users to control and manage IM (Instant Messenger) and P2P(Peer to Peer) applications more efficiently. The CSM hence prevents inappropriate content from distracting employees and impeding productivity. Furthermore, the CSM can keep office networks threat-free and available. With CSM, you can protect confidential and essential data from modification or theft.

Besides, Vigor3300V+ series feature high-security firewall options with both IP-layer and content based protection. The DoS/DDoS prevention and URL/Web content filter strengthen the security outside and inside the network.

High User Friendliness & Efficiency
Its well-structured Web User Interface offers user-friendly configuration and make the net-admin job become and easy task, For instance, the WUI provides IP layer QoS(Quality of Service), NAT session/bandwidth management to help users control and allocate the bandwidth on networks.

More Extendability
The Vigor3300V+ can establish VPN tunnels across the public Internet. The tunnels can be to remote networks, or from a single dial-in teleworker, needing to access your headquarters' LAN where DrayTek Vigor3300V+ is installed.

With a dedicated VPN co-processor, the hardware encryption of AES/DES/3DES and hardware key hash of SHA-1/MD5 are seamlessly handled, thus maintaining maximum router performance. For remote tele-workers and inter-office links, the Vigor3300V+ supports up to 200 simultaneous VPN tunnels (such as IPSec/PPTP/L2TP protocols).

The Vigor3300V+ is equipped with rich-featured supplementary call-handing facilities which facilitates you to make and receive VoIP calls as well as transfer calls around the office. you can select different interface modules dependant upon your communication needs.

FXO Interface Module
By utilizing the FXO interface module, you can also access your analogue lines or connect to PSTN PBX.



ISDN Interface Module
You will be able to integrate the ISDN MSN (multiple subscriber numbering) with SIP calls if you install ISDN. The Vigor3300V+ converges the PSTN, ISDN, Voice-over-IP, and robust firewall to leverage your existing networking infrastructure. The implementation of Asterisk IP PBX software on Vigor3300V+ will provide more flexibility for establishing IP telephony at varied branch offices/remote offices/teleworkers.


Flexible Platform
The platform of Vigor3300V+ is able to let you choose 4-port ISDN BRI card (4 ISDN TE or 2 TE/2 NT interface card) in terms of your voice environment. The ISDN phone can connect to NT-interface of 2 TE/2 NT interface card. The ISDN line can be connected to TE-interface. If you have ISDN PBX, you can connect one of internal extension to TE-interface of 4-port ISDN TE card. The call routing of Vigor3300V+ will enable ISDN MSN mapping to IP extensions for forming compound extensions.


On/Off Net Application


Off-Net via ISDN


ISDN Application


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Vigor3300V+ Multi WAN Multi Service Router

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