DrayTek Vigor 2900G Wireless Broadband Router/Firewall

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The DrayTek Vigor2900G Broadband Router features true Plug and play installation. Just connect your cable or DSL Ethernet modem and PC to the router and you're online. All configuration is achieved using the Vigor 2900Gs' web based interface; this can be performed from a wired or wireless PC on the network using a standard web browser.


Here's just a few reasons why you should buy the DrayTek Vigor 2900G Vigorus Broadband Router today!

  • Multi-port cable router, ideal for creating a secure network with a shared Internet access
  • Suitable for use with any cable or DSL ethernet modem – plug and play install
  • Built in VPN server – dial into the router using a VPN client and access your network remotely
  • Integrated USB print server – share your USB printer over the network without needing to leave a host PC switched on (requires uni-directional printer)
  • Built in 54Mbps wireless access point
  • See Datasheet for technical specifications

NOTE: This product does not incorporate a built-in modem. To use this product you will need either a Cable Modem or DSL Ethernet Modem.


Model Name Description
Vigor2900G Wireless Broadband Router/Firewall

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Weight 8.00 lbs
Dimensions 12.00 × 12.00 × 12.00 in


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