DCE 5204V-BM and Planet VC-231 High Speed VDSL2 Ethernet Extender Kit

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Planet VC-231 Single Port High Speed VDSL2 Ethernet Extender and DCE 5204V-BM/B 4-Port High Speed VDSL2 Ethernet Extender – KIT


This is the perfect combination if you are trying to extend your network and want the ability to connect wired devices directly to the RT (remote termination) of the Ethernet extension bridge.  Both products are easily configured via simple DIP switch settings.

By purchasing from this page you will receive one (1) Planet VC-231 single port High Speed VDSL2 Ethernet Extender (Bridge/Modem) and one (1) DCE 5204V-BM/B 4-Port High Speed VDSL2 Ethernet Extender (Bridge/Modem).

Example Application

Planet VC-231 single port High Speed VDSL2 Ethernet Extender and DCE 4-Port High Speed VDSL2 Ethernet Extender are an excellent combination for long reach Ethernet LRE applications


Individual product details are below.

Planet Technology VC-231 High Speed VDSL2 Ethernet Extender / Bridge Modem (Profile 8a, 17a, 30a)

VC-231 – Ethernet over VDSL2 Converter (Profile 30a)


100/100Mbps Downstream / upstream, high Performance Ethernet over VDSL Solution
The PLANET VC-231 is an Ethernet-over-VDSL2 Converter with high performance. It is designed based on two core networking technology, Ethernet and VDSL2 (Very-high-data-rate Digital Subscriber Line 2). The VDSL2 technology offers absolutely fastest data transmission speed over existing copper telephone lines without the need of rewiring. The VC-231 supports ultra-high performance to the pervasive telephone line network with up to 100/100Mbps symmetric data rate within 300m and 50/2Mbps for 1.4km long range connections.

Implement with Existing Telephone Copper Wires
The VC-231 is also a Long Reach Ethernet (LRE) converter providing one RJ-45 Ethernet port and one RJ-11 phone jack that is for VDSL2 connection. By using the additional Splitter from package of VC-231, the splitter can provide POTS splitter to share the existing phone line with POTS; therefore it is no need of replacing the existing copper wiring. Just plug the VC-231 with additional splitter into the existing RJ-11 telephone jack and a high-performance VDSL2 network can be connected. The VC-231 is ideal to be used as an Ethernet extender to an existing Ethernet network.

Delivers High-Demand Service Connectivity for ISP / Triple Play Devices
The VC-231 provides excellent bandwidth to satisfy the triple play devices for home entertainment and communication. With the capability of 100/100Mbps symmetric data transmission, the VC-231 enables many Multi-Media services to work on local Internet, such as VOD (Video on Demand), Voice over IP, Video phone, IPTV, Internet caching server, distance education, and so on.

Easy & Flexible Installation
The Ethernet-over-VDSL2 Converter is plug-and-play design and fully compatible with all kinds of network protocols. Moreover, the operating status of each individual port and the whole system can be watched via the rich diagnostic LEDs on the front panel. The VC-231 offers two modes, CPE and CO, for application: CPE mode is used at client side and CO mode is at central side. The CPE or CO mode can be adjusted by using a built-in DIP switch. For point-to-point connection, a CPE mode VC-231 and a CO mode VC-231 must be setup as one pair of converters to perform the connection.

Provides Superior Upstream and Downstream Transmission Performance
The VC-231 also defines symmetric band plan for the transmission of upstream and downstream signals, the band plan performs higher transmission quality in short range for central side (CO) in symmetric mode. In all, when the VC-231 is in profile 17a operation mode, it provides long distance transmit with Ultra-high performance to the pervasive telephone line network, and when the VC-231 is in 30a operation mode, it gives short distance transmits with upstream and downstream transmission giving wire speed performance.

Planet Technology VC-231 Ethernet over VDSL2 Converter front view


Planet Technology VC-231 Ethernet over VDSL2 Converter back view



Example Applications

Ethernet Distance Extension
Two VC-231 acting as a standalone pair is good for Ethernet distance extension over existing telephone wires. With just one pair of AWG-24 copper wire, you can easily connect two Ethernet networks together with the data rate of maximum 100/100Mbps. With the additional splitter, the telephone service can still be used while the VC-231 CO/CPE is in operation. The two solutions listed below are typical applications for the Ethernet over VDSL2 Converter.
MTU / MDU / Hospitality Solution
The VC-231 is a perfect solution to quickly provide cost-effective yet high speed network services to multi-unit buildings such as residential buildings (multi-dwelling units), commercial (multi-tenant units) buildings, hotels or hospitals. By utilizing the existing telephony infrastructure, network installation is straightforward and requires no new wiring. With up to 100/100Mbps transmission, Video on Demand, IP telephony and various broadband services can be easily provided.
Last Mile of FTTx Deployment
The VC-231 is an ideal solution for FTTx (Fiber to the Building, Fiber to the Campus or Fiber to the Node) applications. It supports high bandwidth VDSL2 over existing telephone wires in the “last mile” from the ISP / Telecom / Service provider’s fiber node to the buildings and customers' houses. The 10/100Mbps port of VC-231 can be directly connected to a PC or to Ethernet devices such as Ethernet Switches or Broadband Routers. It is excellent for phone line network built under Internet because every room or house could use the existing phone line to transmit data through the Internet and the whole building could share the Internet to the wider area network with minimum cost.

Planet VC-231 Key Features
• Cost-Effective VDSL2 Profile 17a/30a CO / CPE bridge solution
• One box design, CO / CPE selectable via DIP Switch
• Defines symmetric band plan for the transmission of upstream and downstream signals
• Complies with IEEE 802.3, 10Base-T, IEEE 802.3u, 100Base-TX and IEEE 802.3x, Flow control Ethernet standards
• DMT (Discrete Multi-Tone) line coding
• Half duplex Back pressure and IEEE 802.3x Full Duplex Pause frame flow control
• One RJ-11 connector for VDSL port with VDSL connection, additional Splitter for POST connection
• Voice and data communication can be shared simultaneously based on the existing telephone wire
• One 10/100Mbps RJ-45 port, Auto-Negotiation and Auto-MDI/MDI-X
• Supports up to 1536 bytes packet size, IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tag transparent
• VDSL2 stand-alone transceiver for simple bridge modem application
• Advantage of minimum installation time (Simply as Plug-and-Play)
• Selectable target profile and target SNR margin
• Supports extensive LED indicators for network diagnosis
• Co-work with PLANET MC family Media Chassis (MC-700 / MC-1500/ MC-1500R)
• Compact in size, easy installation


DCE 5204V-BM/B VDSL2 Modem Very High-speed Connectivity for Internet Access and IPTV service, hospitality, MDU and MTU applications

The DCE/5204V-BM/B is a single VDSL2 port modem equipped with four Ethernet ports by embedded 10/100Mbps Ethernet Switch. Compliant with ITU-T G.993.2 VDSL2 standard, the DCE/5204V-BM/B supports the highest rate of up to 100Mbps/100Mbps in VDSL2 Profile (30a) with a 6-band solution.

Since VDSL2 has the characteristics of faster rates over shorter distances, the DCE 5204V-BM/B provides the ideal architecture for Telecoms to use fiber optic lines as the backbone and a VDSL2 line as the last mile into the home or office.

VDSL2 operates over copper wires so that telecom operators can provide bundled services to end-users similar to those that cable operators offer. With outstanding throughput, the DCE 5204V-BM/B complements fiber networks in offering the best solution for delivering IPTV or home entertainment services.

The DCE/5204V-BM/B also supports both central office (CO) and customer-premises equipment (Remote/CPE) modes for back-to-back applications.

In addition to forwarding Ethernet packets between VDSL2 port and Ethernet ports, the DCE 5204V-BM/B also provides Hardware IGMP snooping for IGMP v1/v2 to facilitate IPTV services without interfering with other applications.


Key Features
  • Compliant with ITU-T G.993.2 VDSL2 Standard
  • VDSL2 Profiles: 8a/b/c/d, 12a/b, 17a, 30a
  • Band Plan 997 and 998 supported
  • Supports Back-to-Back (point-to-point) applications
  • Annex A, Annex B, Annex C supported
  • US0 Supported
  • OLR Supported
  • Ethernet packets over VDSL2
  • Integrated 4-port Ethernet Switch
  • DIP switch settings for CO and Remote (Point-to-Point / Bridging / LRE Applications)



Standard-compliant to ITU-T G.993.2
The DCE 5204V-BM/B complies with the international standards and interoperates with other major/open chipsets. It supports multiple profiles (8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, 12a, 12b, 17a, and 30a); different band plans (997, 998, and proprietary) and multiple annex types (Annex A, Annex B and Annex C), by default factory settings to fit various requirements. Using the latest chip design technology, the DCE 5204V-BM/B consumes less power (less than 2 watt per VDSL2 port) and has shorter training time to get the device up and running.

Long Reach Ethernet (LRE) / Back-to-back / Point-to-Point Applications
In addition to using one DCE 5204V-BM/B to connect to ISP/Telco’s DSLAM for accessing Internet or video services, users can utilize a pair of DCE 5204V-BM/B for back-to-back applications. Theoretically the maximum length for Ethernet cable is within 100 meters. By using two 5204V-BM/B modems, users can have 100/100Mbps connectivity over a twisted-pair phone line up to 200 meters or longer. This capability can help users to bridge two distinct LAN segments in longer distance or to have surveillance service a little farther over existing twisted-pair phone cables.

Easy Installation
The DCE 5204V-BM/B is easy to use and easy to setup. Simply connect the hardware interfaces without the need for complicated configuration efforts, the device will synchronizes with a VDSL2 DSLAM (VTU-O) in auto-negotiated mode and allow users to access the Internet or watch IPTV almost instantly.


DCE 5204V-BM/B Features & Specifications

VDSL2 Compliance
• Compliant with VDSL2 Standard, ITU-T G.993.2
• VDSL2 Profiles: 8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, 12a, 12b, 17a and 30a
• Supports 997 and 998 Band Plans
• Supports Annex A, Annex B and/ or Annex C
• Upstream/Downstream connection rates 100/100Mbps
• OLR (On Line Reconfiguration), US0 Supported
• Supports Ethernet 802.3ah

Network Protocols and Features
• Transparent bridging
• Ethernet over VDSL (EoVDSL) Bridging
• IEEE 802.3/3u compliant
• Hardware IGMP Snooping for IGMP v1/v2

• Simple management function via console port
• Firmware upgradable (on demand)

Hardware Specifications
Physical Interface
• VDSL: one RJ-11 connector
• DIP Switch: DIP4 for configuring RT/COT mode
• Ethernet: 4-port 10/100Mbps auto-crossover (MDI / MDI-X) Switch
• Console: PS2, for management function
• Power jack
• Power switch
Physical Specifications
• Dimensions: 7.09" x 4.72" x 1.57" (180mm x 120mm x 40mm)
Power Requirements
• Input: 12V DC, 1A

Operating Environment
• Operating temperature: 0 – 40 °C
• Storage temperature: -20 – 70 °C
• Humidity: 20 – 95% non-condensing



Model Name



DCE 5204V-BM and Planet VC-231 High Speed VDSL2 Ethernet Extender Kit






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