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Extron 130xi Kit 42-028-01 – Workstation Interface Kit with Audio and ADSP

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Extron 130xi Kit 42-028-01 – Workstation Interface Kit with Audio and ADSP

Like New Kit 



  • RGB 130xi– Universal analog computer-video interface with horizontal and vertical shift, level control, peaking (sharpness) control, Advanced Digital Sync Processing™, and a video termination switch
  • MBC SPARC Buffer– 13W3 input buffer for SUN, NeXT and SGI computers
  • MBC VGA/XGA Buffer– VGA, SuperVGA, and XGA-2 input buffer for all PCs and workstations using the VGA 15-pin HD connector
  • MBC Mac/Quadra HR– Mac, Quadra, and PowerMac input buffer for all Apple- or Mac-compatible display adapter cards
  • SRI 200 Scan Rate Indicator– Simply hold the SRI up to the glass of the computer’s monitor to detect the horizontal and vertical frequencies of its LCD display
  • T-VGA– VGA and XGA input termination adapter for use with laptops
  • Mac MFTA– Mac, Quadra, and PowerMac termination adapter for use with laptops or any Mac PC without a local monitor to allow for selection of twelve different resolutions
  • BNC-5 25' HR– A 25-foot (7.5 m), high-resolution RGBHV BNC-5 cable
  • 130xi Kit case– A briefcase-sized carrying case including durable hardfoam cutouts for all kit components
  • Extron alignment tool (tweeker)
  • Extron flashlight


Extron’s 130xi Kit is designed to be the ultimate interface kit for connecting almost any high-resolution computer workstation on the market today to any compatible graphic monitor or projection system. Featuring the RGB 130xi interface with a bandwidth of 300 MHz (-3dB), the 130xi Kit is stored in a hard-plastic case and includes monitor breakout cables for Sun SPARC, Silicon Graphics, NeXT, HP, DEC, Mac, Quadra, G3, SuperVGA, and many PowerPC computers. The 130xi Kit also includes our popular SRI 200 scan rate measuring device, and a 25-foot (7.5 meters) BNC cable for connection to any industry standard presentation system. The 130xi Kit is ideal for companies interfacing with many different CAD workstations and highresolution PCs.



  • Analog computer-video signals
  • Frequency range: 15-150 kHz
  • RGB video bandwidth: 300 MHz (-3dB)
  • Stereo audio, balanced


  • RGsB, RGBS, or RGBHV output
  • Stereo audio, balanced or unbalanced


  • VGA
  • SVGA
  • XGA
  • SXGA
  • Mac
  • Sun




Model Name



Extron 130xi Kit Workstation Interface Kit with Audio and ADSP Like New Kit

Additional information

Weight 15.00 kg
Dimensions 24.00 × 16.00 × 12.00 cm


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