ZyXEL P663H-51 ADSL2+ 4-Port Annex L/M Bonding Router



ZyXEL's New P-663H-51 ADSL 2/2+ modem / router supports speeds of up to 48mbps downstream and 4mbps upstream, and includes four 10/100 Ethernet LAN ports. It also provides TR069 protocol for remote management, SPI firewall and DOS protection for security, and advanced QoS and multicasting features for triple play services.

Features at a Glance

  • ADSL2/2+, Annex L and Annex M
  • 2 ADSL2+ port bonding
  • Stateful Packet Inspection
  • Anti Denial-of-Service attack and port scanning
  • IGMP proxy/snooping for IP multicast
  • Port-based VLAN to support triple-play services

ZyXEL's P-663H-51 is an all-in-one ADSL2+ gateway for Home, SOHO and SMB applications. Featuring two ADSL2+ WAN ports and four 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN ports, the P663H-51 provides SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection), anti-DOS (Denial of Service) and many Firewall security features to protect against network intrusion and attacks.

In addition, advanced features such as IP multicasting, IGMP proxy/snooping, fast leave and IP QoS fulfill the need of triple-play services, while the G.bond-based port bonding feature groups the 2 ADSL2+ physical ports into a logical link. The link not only provides VDSL-equivalent bandwidth with much longer loop length, its load-balance feature between the two ports also makes P-663H-51 the best choice for business and high-end market applications.

ZyXEL P-663H-51 Features

Higher-speed Broadband Access
The ZyXEL P-663H-51 has two ADSL2/2+ WAN ports. With the ATM-based multi-paired bonding feature, the two ports can be grouped into a logical link boasting the bandwidth twice as fast as a single ADSL2/2+ port, and the bit rates of each individual port can be freely and independently changed by their respective PHY layer. If one of the member ports fails, the conveyed traffic will be moved to the other port. When the failed port recovers, it will seamlessly return to the logical link and share the transmission/reception of the upper-layer traffic.

Compliant all standard ADSL2/ADSL2+ features
In addition to delivering increased data rates over greater distance than the basic ADSL2/ADSL2+, the P663H-51 also supports traditional ADSL2+ standards, such as Annex L, Annex M, DELT, SRA and dying gasp functions.

Robust, State-of-the-Art IP Security
The ZyXEL Prestige 663H-51 provides state-of-the-art standard Firewall features including, Stateful Packet Inspection, anti-DoS (Denial of Service) and IP/MAC address spoofing protection for basic defense against hackers, network intruders and other hazardous threats.

Sophisticated QoS for Triple-Play Services
The P-663H-51 comes with complete integrated ATM and Ethernet QoS mechanisms, as well as various IP QoS features (Packet classification/Rate Limitation/Queue Scheduling). The seamless QoS-mapping not only allows consistent and appropriate traffic treatment of packets, but also enables fulfillment of triple-play services. The IGMP proxy/snooping and fast leave (v1, v2) features also supports IP multicasting services.

ZyXEL P-663H-51 Specifications

ADSL Layer Features

  • ADSL2/2+, Annex L and Annex M
  • Support DELT (dual ended loop test)
  • Seamless Rate adaptation (SRA)
  • Dying Gasp

ATM Layer Features

  • Multiple PVC support
  • RFC1483/2684 multiple protocol over AAL5


  • VC and LLC Multiplexing
  • Traffic Shaping UBR, CBR, VBR-nrt
  • OAM F4/F5 end-to-end loopback
  • ATM-based Multi-Pair Bonding (G.998.1) support

Security Features

  • Three level management login
  • WAN & LAN Service access control
  • Service access control based on source IP address
  • Anti-Denial of Service, SYNC flooding, IP Smurfing, Ping of Death, Fraggle,Teardrop, LandAnti-port scanning

TCP/IP/port/Interface filtering rules, Protect against IP and MAC address spoofing

  • Stateful Packet Inspection

Logging Features

  • User selectable levels
  • Local display and/or send to remote syslog server
  • ADSL up/down, PPP up/down
  • Intrusion alert
  • Primary DNS server status monitor
  • XML config file failures

Network Protocols

  • IP routing
    • VPN (IPSec, PPTP, L2TP) pass-through *
    • DHCP Server/Relay/Client
    • RADIUS client
    • DNS rely/proxy
    • Dynamic DNS
    • RIP/RIP v2 routing functions
    • IGMP Proxy/snooping and fast leave (v1, v2 and v3)
    • IP QoS
    • UPnP IGD 1.0

    Ethernet L2 Features

    • Default Bridging for user traffic
    • ARP
    • 802.1Q Tag-Based VLAN
    • 802.1P CoS with priority queuing

    Hardware Specifications

    • Power input & Power consumption
      • 12VDC (1.5A), 15 watt
      • Power Adaptor Input 100~ 240VAC, 0.5A, 50~60Hz, 40~60VA, Output 12VDC, 1.5A, 18W
      • LAN 4-Port RJ-45 connectors for 10/100Mbps with Auto MDI/MDIX. Support both Half and Full Duplex
      • ADSL one RJ-11 connector for 2 ADSL2+ ports

      Physical Specifications

      • Dimension
        • 205(W)x 145(D)x 32(H)mm

        Environmental Specification

        • Temperature Operating 0 ~ 40, Storage -30 ~ 60
        • Humidity Operating 20 ~ 85% (non-condensing), Storage 10 ~ 95% (non-condensing)


        • RoHS & WEEE
        • Safety
        • – UL1950 – CSA C22.2 No. 950
        • EMC – FCC Part 15 & Part 68Class B

Additional information

Weight 5.00 lbs
Dimensions 12.00 × 12.00 × 12.00 in


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