Sierra Wireless Airlink LS300 VERIZON – DC

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Airlink LS300

Compact industrial 3G gateway The AirLink® LS300 industrial gateway has a small footprint for easy installation and a rugged, military spec design (MIL-STD 810) that enables it to withstand extreme temperature changes, humidity, shock, and vibration. Certified for hazardous environments (Class I, Div 2), the LS300 is ideal for industrial deployments. The LS300 comes standard with Ethernet, USB and serial interfaces, as well as digital I/O and GPS, enabling you to: Remotely monitor and control your infrastructure and surveillance equipment on pipelines, meters, pumps and valves in any energy, utility or industrial application. Instantly connect your equipment at remote locations or temporary sites. Track the location of heavy equipment and assets in the field, while providing reliable internet connectivity to remote workers.

QUICKLY CONFIGURE AND DEPLOY The comprehensive set of configurable options makes it quick and easy to deploy in the field. With ALEOS™ embedded intelligence, the LS300 can be deployed in most industrial applications out-of-the-box. In addition to configuring connection settings, ALEOS enables users to setup custom security, networking, and routing parameters, GPS location tracking, and events reporting without any programming. With a proven 20-year track record of over a million deployed devices, ALEOS has been developed to ease integration and configuration for a wide range of deployment scenarios.

ADD CUSTOM LOGIC WITHOUT ANY EMBEDDED EXPERTISE ALEOS Application Framework and integrated development environment make it easy to process data inside the LS300. Collect and analyze information from connected equipment and optimize data transfers using a simple, Lua-based scripting language. Now you can program an AirLink gateway without deep embedded expertise. 

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