Positron AK500S – 16-link CO line card shelf (7 RU)



The FlexStream AK500S point-to-multipoint system enables the transport of high-quality, high-bandwidth Ethernet services over bonded copper pairs. It provides 100 Mbps of high-bandwidth per AK525LC / AK525LCPA line cards and up to 800 Mbps per AK626LC line cards enabling the delivery of carrier-grade service throughout service provider networks (12 Kft/ 3.7 Km) and beyond.

AK500S Delivers Point-to-Multipoint Ethernet Services

The AK500S system consists of the AK500S multi-service shelf, line cards and management/uplink cards. The AK500S can support 16 line cards per shelf and is environmentally hardened for any deployment scenario. The platform adheres to MEF9, MEF14 and CE2.0 recommendations.

Ubiquitous Ethernet

High speed Ethernet services do not have to be limited to customers served by fiber. With the AK500S, service providers can provide high-quality, scalable Ethernet services to all customers throughout their networks using existing copper loops.

Positron Access Replacement of Legacy ADC Campus Star/ REX Deployments:

military diagram


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Weight 25.00 lbs
Dimensions 24.00 × 20.00 × 20.00 in


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