Patton CL1212E/EUI-2PK Ruggedized Ethernet Extender Kit

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Perfect for bandwidth-intensive applications the CopperLink™ 1214E delivers off-the-chart symmetrical line rates greater than 168 Mbps. Best of all—like all CopperLink™ products—the CL1214E leverages existing copper infrastructure to deliver high speed Ethernet connectivity over single twisted-pair or Cat 5e/6/7 cable.

Four user-selectable configuration profiles—combined with Patton’s auto-rate adaptation feature—ensure maximum achievable symmetrical or asymmetrical rates for the installed noise environment, wire gauge/type and length. 

Symmetrical line-rate settings are ideal for such applications as remote LAN extension, video teleconferencing, and data backhaul. 

Asymmetrical configurations are well-suited for applications requiring higher downstream speeds and/or longer distances between Ethernet devices. Typical asymmetrical scenarios include medical imaging, livestock monitoring, underwater video, internet gaming, and transporting high-resolution IP video from security cameras.

Realize fiber-like speed and distance without the expense of fiber with Patton’s Ultra-High-Speed CopperLink™ Ethernet Extenders. 


  • Ethernet Extension— Extend 10/100Base-TX Ethernet well beyond its 328-foot (100-meter) limitation over a single unshielded twisted pair (UTP) or Cat 5e/6/7 cable.
  • Ruggedized—Operating temperature of -40 to 85°C and optional conformal coating to protect against condensing humidity.
  • Plug and Play—Set these units up straight out of the box. No configuration is required. Auto-sensing 10/100 Ethernet ports support full or half duplex operation.
  • Transparent LAN Bridging—Bypass network configuration requirements by transparently passing all higher layer protocols—including 802.1Q VLAN frames (tagged and untagged). Data-transmission mechanism is fully transparent to such IP video compression schemes as MPEG-4, H.264 and MJPEG.
  • Flexible Installation—Wall-mount ready and an optional DIN rail mounting kit is available.
  • Multiple Line Rates Supported—Switch-selectable rate mode options optimize rate and reach for the noise environment, wire gauge/type and length.
  • Made in the USA — This Patton equipment is designed by Patton engineers and built in our Gaithersburg, Maryland facility. Patton's American-made manufacturing process delivers high-quality networking solutions with reliability you can trust.

Typical Application A built-in 4-port Ethernet switch makes the CopperLink 1214E ideal for delivering multiple IP information streams over a single cable. For example, at a guardhouse or security kiosk, you could aggregate IP data from a laptop, a motion sensor, and two high resolution IP video cameras for simultaneous transmission over a single Ethernet connection. 

Combining data flows from up to four network-enabled devices onto a single twisted pair, the Model 1214E can deliver IP traffic up to 1.8 miles (3 km) away—well beyond the standard 328-foot (100-meter) Ethernet distance limitation. 

With achievable line rates up to 168 Mbps, the CopperLink 1214E eliminates the bandwidth constraints commonly experienced with other copper-based transmission technologies. The Model 1214E is engineered to re-use existing infrastructure previously employed in legacy applications including alarm circuits, E1/T1 circuits, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, CCTV and CATV. Many newer cabling standards are also supported, including Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat 7. 


  • Long Range Asymmetrical:
    250 feet (73 m): Downstream (DS)]67 Mbps/Upstream (US) 16 Mbps
    10,000 feet (3 km): DS 4 Mbps/US 263 kbps
  • Long Range Symmetrical:
    250 feet (73 m): DS 68 Mbps/ US 50 Mbps
    10,000 feet (3 km): DS 2.5 Mbps/US 1 Mbps
  • High Speed Asymmetrical:
    250 feet (73 m): DS 168 Mbps/US 95 Mbps
    3,500 feet (1 km): DS 35 Mbps/US 1 Mbps
  • High Speed Symmetrical:
    250 feet (73 m): DS 121 Mbps/US 144 Mbps
    3,500 feet (1 km): DS 30 Mbps/US 4 Mbps
CopperLink Line Interface
  • RJ-45 (pin 4 = ring; pin 5 = tip)
  • Terminal block, 2-position
CopperLink Line Modulation DMT (Discrete Multi-Tone)
Enclosure IP 40 rated • aluminum
Ethernet Interface (x4) 8-position shielded RJ-45. Auto-sensing 10/100Base-TX with half or full duplex operation.
Protocol Transparent to high layer protocols: supports 802.1Q VLAN tagged or untagged frames. Transparent to IP Video schemes: fully transparent to such compression schemes as MPEG-4, H.264, and MJPEG.
Impulse Noise Protection Modes Selectable fast and interleave modes
Target SNR Modes 6 dB & 9 dB
Management 8-position DIP switch
Monitoring 8 LEDs display Power, Link, Ethernet 1–4, Remote, and Local status.
Power Supply External AC: 100–240 VAC
Internal DC: -12 VDC
Compliance FCC Part 15A, CE Mark, EMC Directive 89/336/EEC, Low-Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC
Dimensions 6.22 W x 1.25 H x 4.75 L in. (15.74 W x 3.18 H x 12.07 L cm)
Weight 0.4 lbs (181 g)


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    Extended Temp CopperLink Extender Kit
(Local and Remote)


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Weight 5.00 lbs
Dimensions 18.00 × 12.00 × 10.00 in


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