Loop Telecom SDH STM 1 multiplexer ADM TM O9150Sa / Loop-O9150-Sa-2FE-8E1RJ120-SA-SA-G

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Loop-O9150Sa is an economical, cost-effective SDH STM-1 Mux designed to combine digital access interfaces including TDM and interfaces into STM-1 optical lines for convenient transport and switching. Through STM-1 uplink, O9150Sa provides VC-12 standard E1s and Ethernet supporting GFP, VCAT, LCAS and Non-LCAS protocol. 

The O9150Sa is a comprehensive SDH STM-1 multiplexer platform for traditional telecom businesses and broadband information business applications, and a blending trend which adapts Metropolitan Area Network as well as audio and information business in all Private Networks.

The O9150Sa provides two aggregate STM-1 interfaces which offer the service provider a versatile protection scheme including SNCP and MSP (1+1) protection for both ring and linear network topology.

  • Mechanical and Electrical
    • 1U height ETSI/ANSI shelf unit (front/rear access)
    • Standalone, and rack mount
    • SDH STM-1 TM /ADM Mux
  • Aggregate Port
    • 2 STM-1 with SFP optical housing
  • On-board tributaries on TG1/TG2 slot
    • TG1: up to 2/4 FE
    • TG2: up to 8 E1
  • Optional modules on TG3/TG4*/TG5* slot
    • TG3: 8 E1
    • TG4/TG5(Manufacture option)*
      • 16-port E1*
      • 4-port GE SW*
  • Ethernet
    • Supports GFP, VCAT, LCAS, Non-LCAS
  • Network Protection
    • SNCP and MSP (1+1) protection
  • Timing
    • Support External/Internal/Line/E1 clock
  • Power Supply
    • Two hot swappable DC plug-in modules(-48 Vdc) for redundancy
    • Two hot swappable AC plug-in modules(100 to 240 Vac) for redundancy
  • 3Performance Monitoring
    • 1 hour, 24 hours, and 7 days
    • Alarm suppression, masking, and reporting
  • Management???????
    • Console port
    • SNMP v1
    • Centralized management with Loop’s  EMS over DCC channel
    • Through E1
    • Loop-iNET Intelligent Network Management System
    • Telnet support


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Weight 5.00 lbs
Dimensions 12.00 × 12.00 × 12.00 in


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  • 1U height, ETSI shelf (full front access) or ANSI shelf (front and rear access)
  • Aggregate port
    • 2 SFP optical housing
    • MSP 1+1 protection
    • SNCP protection
  • Tributary port (manufacturing option)
    • Two 8-port E1 ports with DB37 connector or 16-port E1 ports with RJ48C and four 10/100 (FE) Ethernet ports
    • 8-port E1 with RJ48C connector and 8-port E1 with DB37 connector, with four 10/100 (FE) Ethernet ports
    • 8-port E1 ports with RJ48C /DB37and two 10/100 (FE) Ethernet ports
    • 4-port E1 ports with RJ48C/DB37and two 10/100 (FE) Ethernet ports
  • Hot swappable power Modules, dual power modules for redundancy
    • DC power -48 Vdc (-36 to -72Vdc)
    • AC power (100 to 240 Vac)
  • Networking protection
    • MSP (1+1) protection for TMTerminal Multiplexer
    • SNCP protection for ADM (Add/Drop Mux)
  • VC-12 cross-connect
  • 4-Ethernet Port for total 63xVC12, with independent port configuration
  • Supports Internal/Line clock
  • Supports VCAT, GFP, and LCAS
  • Supports E-Line
  • Performance monitoring
  • Alarm suppression, masking, and reporting
  • Management:
    • Console port
    • SNMP port
    • Centralized management with Loop’s EMS over DCC channel
    • Telnet support
  • RoHS compliant

RoHS compliant units are identified by the letter G appearing at the end of ordering code.

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