Loop Telecom Fiber Optical Multiplexer 8E1 Ethernet chassis O9210S / Loop-O9210-S-4E120-4E75-NHB4F-AoD

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Loop-O9210S is a point-to-point optical transmission device developed from VLSI that provides not only a choice of fixed 4E1 or 4E1 plus 100M Ethernet bridge, but also the expansion of another 4 E1 links for multiplex transmission over an optical fiber. It provides longer reach without repeaters and superior performance compared to copper media.

Loop-O9210S has a strong alarm monitoring system, and also local/remote loopbacks controlled by the console or DIP switch. With its high integration, low power consumption,stability, and desktop-mount design, installation and operation is easy and convenient.

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Weight 5.00 lbs
Dimensions 12.00 × 12.00 × 12.00 in


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  • 19“ unit (1U), standalone, wall mount, and rack mount
  • Aggregate port
    • One optical interface
  • Tributary ports:
    • Fixed on main board
      • One 4E1 or
      • One 4E1 with 100M bps Ethernet
    • Optional daughter card fixed on panel
      • One 4E1
  • Supports multiple optical fiber transmission distances
  • Single/dual pair optical fiber modules selectable
  • Optical line rate: 150Mbps
  • BNC/RJ48C connectors for E1s
  • LED indicators for alarms and loopbacks
  • RS-232 (DB9) Console port
  • Local and remote loopbacks
  • Power
    • AC or DC (not available at the same time)

RoHS compliant units are identified by the letter G appearing at the end of ordering code.

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O9210S Datasheet