Loop Telecom DTE to E1 FE1 interface converter card E1500 / Loop-E1500-2S-E1-8ALMINA-120-SNMP-DC-G

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Loop-E1500 Description

Loop Telecom's Loop-E1500 CSU/DSU product series provide an economic solution to E1 network access when not all 31 DS0 channels is needed. Clear channel (32 DS0 channels) is also available. This product series support High Density Bipolar 3 (HDB3) coding and provide continuous error checking, performance polling, and in-service diagnostics. Customer equipment interfaces include E1 ICSU, serial DTE, Alarm Input, Co-directional DTE, and routers. With a DTE port operating from 56 Kbps to 2048 Kbps, Loop-E1500 CSU/DSU allows users to interconnect LANs and WANs, CAD and CAM, video conference, mainframe hosts, and more. With a router interface, users can connect LAN to WAN directly without an additional bridge/router.

Users can remotely control and diagnose Loop-E products from anywhere

The Loop-E1500 CSU/DSU series supports local control and diagnostics using a 2-line by 16-character LCD display / keypads or through a RS232 console port. This allows users to execute in-service diagnostics and fault isolation. An in-band management channel with GUI is available. The Loop-E1500 CSU/ DSU also provides multicolor LED indicators on the front panel. Using SNMP network management and a Telnet connection, users can remotely control and diagnose Loop-E products from anywhere.

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  • DSU functionality integrated with an intelligent CSU in a compact package
  • Supports up to 2 customer equipment interfaces including E1 ICSU, serial DTE, router, Alarm Input, and G.703 (Co-directional)
  • Up to 31 WAN ports with aggregate data rate of 2.048 Mbps
  • Supports SNMP Network Management Systems
  • Supports In-band Management
  • Connects to LAN/WAN, CAD/CAM, or Hosts to E1 Network Services
  • Local control and diagnostic via RS232 port or 2-line by 16-character LCD & keypad
  • Router – 10/100 Base-T auto selection
  • Multicolor LED indicators

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