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Power Transformer


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  • Developed to meet the IEEE 802.3at-2009 and IEEE 802.3.bt Type 3 standard for PoE+ and PoE++ applications
  • Designed for 2P cabling plants at 30 / 60 Watts. For 4P cabling plants consider the ETH1-460.
  • Exceeds the return loss requirements of Gbit Ethernet
  • 350 µH minimum at 35 mA offset current at 25°C
  • Can handle 22.5 mA minimum dc offset at 85°C.
  • Typical temperature rise: 7°C with 800 mA; 10°C with 1000 mA dc current applied to one center tap of each isolation transformer
  • Ambient temperature range: −40°C to +85°C with 1 A dc current applied
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ETH1-230LD Power Transformer 1CT: 1CT 1500Vrms 30W 16 Terminal Gull Wing SMD In-Stock