Enable-IT 860X PRO 1-Port Gigabit Ethernet Extender Kit over 1-pair wiring

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The Enable-IT 860X PRO Black Box Gigabit Ethernet Extender is a Gigabit wire speed throughput Ethernet Extender.
World’s Fastest and Secure, copper Ethernet Extender period, Guaranteed!Designed & Made in the USA with quality and pride. The American-made Enable-IT 860X PRO Black Box Gigabit Ethernet Extender over copper uses industry LAN standard RJ-45 (8-pin) connectors to make installing in most any environment very easy.We have engineered most of the technical complexity into automatic line adjustments so the plug and go simplicity on your existing or new wiring is a snap.Ethernet Extension Experts designs and manufactures the Enable-IT 860X PRO kit, along with its entire product line, in the USA that makes us more responsive to customer needs.We take great pride in using the highest quality materials and actual craftsmanship when building our products. We even can customize these at time of order to fit your specific needs as we manufacture in our very own Aerospace Certified Quality AS9100D US West coast facilities.This Enable-IT 860X PRO Black Box Gigabit Ethernet Extender over copper is trusted Business Reliable Professional Grade Gigabit Ethernet Extender without the high cost of fiber or un-secure wireless. Why risk your business to lower quality imported equipment? The value of your network communications should be a protected investment.Beware of Cheap Chinese “so called Business Use” (not even suitable US Home use) gear that is banned in the US due to proven hidden spyware.The Enable-IT 860X PRO kit used 1-pair copper wiring (CAT 2 Telephone wire all the way up to CAT 7 rated).
The 860X PRO Gigabit Ethernet Extender can support up to 9 CPE units on the same 1-pair of wire, and actually can run on just 1 physical wire!

Leverage any 1-pair of existing or new wiring that is contiguous all the way up to 3,000ft or 915m encrypted and secure, effectively saving you thousands in labor, administration, and security.  Think fiber is cheap? Have you ever priced or paid for fiber troubleshooting?  Think again.
Single port Gigabit LAN built into each end coupled with industrial strength components to survive harsh temperature extremes delivers superior performance, value and capabilities no other competitor can touch.

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Weight 5.00 lbs
Dimensions 18.00 × 12.00 × 7.00 in


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*Extended Gigabit Ethernet throughput over 1 pair new or existing Telephone wiring up to Category rated wiring.max distance 3,000ft / 915m encrypted and secure.

*Can be daisy chained to extend infinitely in linear or tree topology.

*Rapid LAN style installation RJ45 jacks – no programming required.

*Supports up to 9 Enable-IT 860X PRO CPE units on the same 1-pair wire for the entire length of the run – ideal for multidrop off of a single Enable-IT 860X PRO Extender kit.

*Ruggedized Professional Business Grade mountable casing for harsh environments.

*LAN Device independence – Transparent to 802.3 Protocols, Applications and MAC / IP addresses.

*Longest warranty protection included exceeding any knockoff competitors.

*Single Gigabit LAN RJ-45 port on each end.
4-port model available as the 860XS PRO.

This kit includes the following:

(2) EnableIT 860X PRO Gigabit Ethernet Extender units
(2) 10′ Black RJ-45 Ethernet Patch Cords
(2) 12V-1A DC Country Specific (120-260V AC) Power Adapters.
(1) Enable-IT 860X PRO Quickstart Guide


12V-1A DC Country Specific (120-260V AC) Power Adapter 2.5mm DC jack included.

Data Rate

1,000Mbps full-duplex Ethernet Data
1,000Mbps Interconnect throughput – Maximum*
Ethernet LAN Protocol Independent
Ethernet LAN MTU 1500
IP VLAN passthough


Ethernet: (1) LAN RJ-45 Standard 10/100/1000 Base-TX autosensing ports
Interlink: RJ-45 (1-Pair)


Height 1″ (25mm)  Depth 3.25″ (82mm)  Width 4.37″ (111mm)


Operational Temperature: -49°F to 168°F (-45°to 76°C)
Humidity: 5% to 95%, non-condensing


Ruggedized wallmount black Aluminum casing Optimized for heat extraction and isolation without fans.

*Actual data rates can vary as there are uncontrolled characteristics for every install:
1) Gigabit Ethernet Chip manufacture specs in the end device LAN equipment. Can be different on each end.
Check your OS Ethernet LAN packet size settings, i,e Jumbo Frame, etc.
2) Amount of dedicated LAN chip buffer memory in the end device LAN equipment.
3) Traffic types and protocols. i.e. VoIP prioritized over other packets, VLAN’s, etc.
4) Interlink wire gauge.
5) Interlink wire type for number of twists per spec on Category rated. i.e. CAT3 can only handle 80Mbps
6) Interlink wire pair used – same twisted pair bundle or mixed pairs.
7) Length of Interlink wiring. The 860X PRO dynamically adjusts to changing conditions to select fastest and stable channels on the wire pair.
8) Electro magnetic interference from surrounding environment. Hospital X-Ray rooms bleeding out EMF, other high frequency signaling bleeding into Interlink wire pair, Microwave WiFi communications blasting EMF radiation onto the Interlink wire pair run, etc.



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