DrayTek Vigor 2500V Voice over IP (VoIP) ADSL Modem/Router



The DrayTek Vigor 2500V is an ADSL Modem/Firewall/Router that is ideal for sharing your ADSL connection between several PCs. The Vigor2500V also boasts a built-in VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone port. This VoIP phone port enables you to use your existing ADSL broadband connection to make virually free VoIP calls to any other compatible device, anywhere in the world. Of course you can also receive calls too! All with a standard (analogue) telephone which you connect to the socket on the back of the Vigor 2500V router.

Having the Vigor2500V on your ADSL line effectively gives you an extra phone line – with no extra line fees, so when family or co-workers are tying up the main line you can still make calls using the phone on your Vigor2500V! Excellent for teleworkers who need that added flexibility. The Vigor2500V is visually pleasing too; its curved lines and brushed silver finish enable it to fit into any environement stylishly.


  • ADSL Router & Firewall with built-in ADSL modem
  • PSTN Passthrough for your regular phone line
  • Waiting POP3 Email notifcation by front panel LED
  • Four port 10/100BaseT Switch (expandanble by adding additional switch)
  • Supports private LAN-side Class-C network of up to 253 clients
  • Internet Content Filtering (See later)
  • Automatic QoS (Quality of Service) Assurance for voice calls
  • VoIP telephone ports compatible with any standard telephone
  • Can use direct SIP Servers or SIP Proxies (or no SIP)
  • VoIP Voice calls are carried over existing ADSL connection
  • Automatic Fallback to your PSTN (analogue line) during ADSL failure
  • Output of phone ring current and call progress tones (dialtone, busy, ring)



Model Name



Voice over IP (VoIP) ADSL Modem/Router

Additional information

Weight 5.00 lbs
Dimensions 12.00 × 12.00 × 12.00 in


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