The Data Connect RM32UI-AC modem shelf is designed for centralized network that require up to sixteen concentrated DCE V.3600UI-RM2 modem cards in a computer room, telephone closet or an industrial environment. The DCE RM32UI-AC modem shelf is constructed of heavy guage steel, plated for corrosion resistance. The modem shelf is comprised of dual power supplies, two levels of management within the Network Management System (NMS) via RS485 and/or RS232 ports on the backplane, the Network Management Controller (NMC), an area for one to sixteen modem cards, and a backplane for hardwiring the dial or leased lines, and area for connecting one AC power supply and DTE access via DB25F connectors.

The first level of network management only requires a rack. In this application, the NMC unit is responsible for the operation of the NMS. The NMC allows you to set up, control, and test any specific modem card in the same shelf. The NMC will amplify an audible alarm and visible LCD message through the operation of the front panel keys. The second level of network management is designed for multiple racks in a large size network. The network management requires a NMC that is composed of a computer and control units in “Daisy Chain” structure is responsible for the operation of the NMS. In this application, the structure can manage up to 130,000 DCE V.3600UI2 modem cards via 8, 126 RM32UI-AC modem shelves.

The DCE V.3600UI-RM2 modem cards and remote and the dual power supplies are swappable. The front panel controls internal DCE V.3600UI2 modem cards and remote V.3600UI, V.3600UI-DC, V.3600UI-DC24, and V.3600UI-DC12 standalone modems. The dual power supplies are fully redundant. The AC power supply operates at 90-260VAC, 47-63Hz with a power consumption of 180 watts.


  • Network Management System
  • Manage up to 130000 Rackmount Modems
  • Fully Redundant Power Supplies
  • Hot Swappable Power Supplies & Rackmount Modems
  • AC & DC models


EIA Standards:
Compliant with EIA standards EIA-310-C

Modem Interface Connection (Rear):
RS232: DB25F
RS485: From +Screw 1
From – Screw 2
From + Screw 3
From – Screw 4
RPT OUT + Screw 5
RPT OUT – Screw 6
RPT IN + Screw 7
RPT IN+ Screw 8
(2) RJ12: From + PIN2
From – PIN5
To + PIN3
To – PIN 4

External Alarm (Rear):
Relay connection in conjunction with external alarm system
Normally Closed (NC) – left screw
Common (CO) – middle screw
Normally Open (NO) – right screw

Alarm Button (Front):
Off – In
On – Out

LEDs (Front):
Alarm – Left LED
Scan – Middle Left LED
Power 1 – +24Volts Right Middle LED
Power 2 – -12Volts Right LED

Width: 19”
Depth: 15”
Height: 8.89”
Shipping Weight: 28lbs. loaded (chassis, 2 power supplies, & NMC)

Power Requirements (Rear):
Input Voltage: 90-260VAC 47-63Hz -115/230VAC Auto Range
250 Fused Socket (IEC 320)
36-72VDC 47-63Hz – -48V Left Screw
0V right screw
Output Voltage: +24VDC + or -16%
– 12VC Cooling FAN-Ground (GND)left screw
-12V right screw
Wattage: 132 Watts
Protective Ground: Protective Ground (PG) Left Screw
Signal Ground (SG) Right Screw

Operating Temperature: 0°C -50°C
Storage Temperature: -25° -70°C
Relative Humidity: up to 95% (non-condensing)

Ordering Information

DCE/RM32UI-AC 16-Slot Chassis with Network Controller, Redundant 90-260VAC

Additional information

Weight 5.00 lbs
Dimensions 12.00 × 12.00 × 12.00 in


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