Data Connect 5224AV-2GbE/2SFP

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The Data Connect 5224AV-2GbE/2SFP DSLAM consists of 24 programmable VDSL and ADSL ports, (2) GbE & (2) SFP uplinks, and a Console Management Port in a 1U, temperature-hardened case.  The 5224AV-2GbE/2SFP DSLAM allows for ADSL backward compatibility that the consumer to migrate to VDSL2 service while continuing providing existing customers with option of ADSL service. 

The 5224AV-2GbE/2SFP DSLAM occupies only 1U of standard telco-rack space for 24 lines. The 5224AV-2GbE/2SFP DSLAM easily fits into existing Remote Terminals. With a remarkable temperature range and hardened design, the 5224AV-2GbE/2SFP DSLAM is ideal for outside plant cabinet, indoor rack or wall- mounting enclosures.  The 5224AV-2GbE/2SFP DSLAM is equipped with FAN & air filter, low power requirements, and in addition full diagnostic and alarm reporting capability. With Powerful SNMP, CLI and friendly Web GUI management system, remote login and database downloadable all help the manger minimize daily operational costs.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 6 in


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  • Utilizes high speed VDSL2 Technology
  • Supports POTS / ISDN user interfaces
  • Provides 24 ports of VDSL2 & 24 ports of POTS / ISDN in 1U height Case
  • Mounts onto Standard 19”/ 23” Racks
  • Streamline installation
  • Increase cost-effectiveness with Built-in POTS / ISDN Splitters
  • Operating Temperature (-40°C to 65°C)
  • Relative Humidity (5% to 95% – non-condensing) at 35°C
  • FAN Alarm Indication malfunctioning fan
  • Temperature monitoring & system overheating trap functionality
  • Automatic power cutoff when system overheats
2 x Gigabit Ethernet Combo Ports (10/100/1000 Based-T and SFP) Network
24 DSL Ports
Built-in POTS / ISDN Splitter
Service Characteristics
Peak Cell Rate Configurable Parameter for Traffic Management
PVC Default Priority and 60060-2–to-VLAN Mapping
IEEE 802.1d/w Spanning Tree Protocol (STP/RSTP)
IEEE 802.1x Authentication Mechanism 
IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation 
IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (option) 
OSI Layer 2 Functionality
Access Control List (ACL) Filtering 
Broadcast Control & Broadcast Rate Limit 
Port-based & 802.1p/q Based Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) with VLAN-Stacking Support 
Support Bridged Mode Multicast
IGMP Snooping / Proxy v1, v2 & v3 
IGMP Statistics
Support Passing Through Cisco Discovery Protocol 
Traffic Scheduling / Shaping / Policing 
ITUT G.993.2 Compliant 
Profile 8a/8b/8c/8d/12a/12b/17a/30a
ADSL/2+ Backward Compatibility
Up to 20.5 dBm Transmit Power 
Support Downstream Power Back Off (DPBO) in VDSL2/ADSL
Support Upstream Power Back Off 
Power Requirements
AC Model
AC: 50/60 Hz, 100~240V (± 10% Tolerance) 
Alarm and Status Surveillance 
Automatic Alarm/LED Indications for Alarm & System Status
Maintenance Signal for OAM Functionality
Four Housekeeping Inputs & One Alarm Contact Closure Output
Network Management
Multiple TELNET Sessions 
Remote Software Upgrade 
Database Export & Import Functionality 
In-band & Out-Band Managements 
Serial RS-232 for Local Access 
10/100 Ethernet Port for Out-Band Management 
Web-Based GUI 
EMS for Multiple Node Managements Based on SNMP (Option)
SNMP v1 and v2c Management
Management Information Base (MIB)
RFC 2514, 2515 ATM MIB 
RFC 1493 Bridge MIB 
RFC 1643 Ethernet MIB 
RFC 2674 Q MIB 
RFC 2819 RMON MIB, groups 1,2,3,9 ADSL and VDSL MIBs 
Proprietary MIB 

3.75" (1U) x 17" x 10.5" (H x W x D)

Operating Temperature: –40°F to 149°F
Operating Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing at 95°F
ITU-T K.20 
UL / C-UL 
ETSI EN 300 019

5224AV-2GbE/2SFP                  Data Connect 24-Port VDSL / ADSL backward compatibility DSLAM with 2-GbE and 2-Small Form Factor Pluggable