D-Link DSL-500 SOHO ADSL Modem/Router



D-Link DSL-500 ADSL Modem Router for SOHO Networks
With the D Link DSL-500 ADSL router, gaining the speed for your network has never been simpler and more cost-efficient. Offering superior connectivity than traditional analog connection, this router is designed to provide megabit access for interactive video, high speed data communication and Internet access for small office users.

Up to 8Mbps Speed
The ADSL interface features a DMT ull rate for downstream of up to 8Mbps and upstream of up to 640Kbps. G.lite rate for downstream is up to 1.5Mbps and upstream is up to 512Kbps, high enough for most Internet applications today. G.lite support eliminates the need to install a splitter for the phone rate. The ADSL port auto-senses the installed rate and auto-negotiates between the full rate and G.lite.

IP Routing and VPN
The router supports IP packet routing over the WAN, in addition to transparent bridging.

NAT and DHCP Support
The router provides cost-saving Internet functions like NAT and DHCP. Network Address Translator (NAT) allows multiple LAN users to share a single ISP account. DHCP automatically assigns IP address for LAN users.


  • 1 ADSL port, 1 10/100 Mbps LAN port
  • High performance (8Mbps high-speed G.dmt)
  • Auto-handshake for different ADSL flavors
  • Bridged Ethernet over ATM, IP over ATM, PPP over ATM
  • Precise ATM traffic shaping
  • IP packet routing
  • Routing protocol supports RIP-1, RIP-2, Static Routing
  • NAT, DHCP client/server support
  • PAP/CHAP authentication, administrative passwords through Telnet
  • Built-in MIBs for SNMP management
  • Upgradable flash EPROM firmware
  • Web server Embeded
  • PPPoE Embeded client

Download the D-Link DSL-500 Users Guide and Quick Start Guide*Download
(file size approx. 8.5Mb, includes: Users Guide, Quick Start Guide, and Installation Utility)

* Requires WinZip or compatible software for file extraction. Click here to download a free trial version of Winzip.

This is a refurbished product. Product has been tested, cleaned and ships in Guaranteed Working condition. Includes: DSL-500 Modem/Router, Power Supply, Telco and Ethernet Cables.

Additional information

Weight 5.00 lbs
Dimensions 12.00 × 12.00 × 12.00 in


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