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 Adtran EXPRESS 3000 ISDN Modem With Two Phone Ports 1203153L2

Factory – New Sealed


Special Features:

  • – High-speed network access for Internet and remote office connectivity using ISDN
  • – Simple setup using Express Configuration Wizard™
  • – Expert ISDN™ automatic SPID and Switch Detection (U.S. Patent 5,715,241)
  • – Connections for two analog devices (telephone/FAX/modem and computer)
  • – Supports external analog modem without extra COM port (U.S. Patent 5,708,663)
  • – Supports AO/DI
  • – Place and receive phone calls while transmitting data
  • – hi/fn® LZS™ compression
  • – Message Waiting Indication signals that voice mail is waiting
  • – Supports custom calling features and Caller ID
  • – Remote configuration


          The EXPRESS 3000 is ideal for accessing the Internet or a corporate network at speeds up to 230,400 bps—over eight times faster than a V.34 analog modem. The unit includes ISDN terminal adapter and network termination (NT1) functionality, eliminating the need for an external NT1 device.

          ISDN setup can be difficult due to ISDN line parameters provided by the telephone company. ADTRAN’s Express Configuration Wizard™ makes connecting to ISDN and configuring your EXPRESS 3000 modem easy. Simply enter your ISDN phone numbers and Express Configuration Wizard steps you through the rest. Expert ISDN™ uses sophisticated algorithms to automatically detect telephone company parameters, such as switch type and SPID numbers. Windows® 95 plug-and-play compatibility, automatic COM port selection, and predefined application profiles simplify installation and startup.

          An ISDN line provides two 64,000 bps B channels that can be used simultaneously for error free data transmission up to 128,000 bps without compression.

          To maximize data transmission, the EXPRESS 3000 modem supports hi/fn® LZS™ compression with throughput up to 230,400 bps per the PPP standard. EXPRESS 3000 compression is also compatible with Ascend® compression techniques. 

          The EXPRESS 3000 modem can support up to two analog devices (such as a telephone, FAX machine, or analog modem) in addition to a computer connection. Using a single ISDN line, you can simultaneously talk on the phone and transmit data from your computer. When transmitting data at maximum throughput over both B channels using multilink PPP, the EXPRESS 3000 modem automatically detects calls on the analog ports. Upon detection, the EXPRESS 3000 modem adjusts the speed of the data call to 64,000 bps using one B channel and accepts the analog/voice call on the other B channel. Upon completion of the analog/voice call, the EXPRESS 3000 modem automatically resumes data transfer over both channels.






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 Adtran EXPRESS 3000 ISDN Modem With Two Phone Ports New Factory Sealed



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