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ADTRAN 1200068L1 OCU DP Option Module 1200068L#HS



The Office Channel Unit Dataport (OCU DP) is one of the Option Modules available for use with the ADTRAN TSU 100. The OCU DP is an all-rate Office Channel Unit Dataport. It provides signal conversion from any of the rates on the customer loop side to a single DS0 time slot. The OCU DP should be selected for use with the connection of DDS or Switched 56 DSU/CSUs or other equipment which utilizes a DDS interface. The OCU DP provides an interface between the T1 Multiplexer and a DSU/CSU over a 4-wire loop, up to 18,000 feet in length of 26 AWG cable. This interface permits the combination of DDS lines into a single T1 stream.
• Operates using one DS0
• 2.4, 4.8, 9.6, 19.2, 38.4, 56, 64 kbps dedicated rates
• Supports Switched 56 dial-up digital service
• Compatible with DDS secondary channel services at rates ranging from 75 to 2400 bps, depending on the primary channel rate
• 45dB range at all rates
• Transmit attenuation available for short loops
• OCU loopback toward TSU Network Interface (NI) (front panel, remote, inband)
• Sealing current reversal to initiate loopback at the CSU (front panel, remote, inband)  PRT/LCL bidirectional loopback toward the TSU Network Interface (NI) and the DSU/CSU
• Zero code suppression
• Quality monitor/auto line disconnect
• Latching Loopback enable/disable
• Selectable hardware/software algorithms for Switched-56 operation
• Interface Connector-RJ48C


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ADTRAN OCU DP Option Module Refurbished 

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