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The Digital Signal Zero Data Port (DS0 DP) is a Total Access channel unit (see Figure 13.) Is used in the Dataphone Digital Service (DDS) to interface the basic DDS DS0 (64 kbps) signal to a T-carrier line. The DS0 DP is generally located in either a hub or intermediate office. It is used in conjunction with an ADTRAN All-Rate Office Channel Unit (OCU) dataport or Total Reach DDS dataport located at the end office to extend the DDS network to an end office that had exclusively served voice channels.

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The DS0 DP incorporates these features:

• Sub-rate, 19.2, 38.4, 56, and 64 kbps Clear Channel operation; Subrate Error Correction, Zero Code Suppression and Latching Loopback
• The dataport can be optioned to operate as a DS0 DP or as a Clear Channel Unit (CCU.)
• Switched 56 Tandem functionality
• Logic level test access: non-intrusive receive monitoring capability Faceplate LED indicators include:
• REM Other faceplate features include:
• Signal Jacks
• Alternate (remote) provisioning switch

Adtran Dual DS0-DP with Test Jacks