Adtran 1180008L23

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ADTRAN 1180008L23 Total Access 1500 SCU, Remote Terminal

  • SCU is a common card designed to operate in the ADTRAN Total Access 1500 system
  • Provides all control functions for the Total Access 1500 common units and all the individual access modules
  • Manages all network related functions and communicates externally through RS-232, RS-485, and Ethernet interfaces



  • Control of all common equipment and access modules
  • Bank status LEDs
  • Provides audible and visual major/minor alarm relay contacts
  • Provides VT100 craft interface via a front panel DB-9 connector, labeled ADMIN
  • Includes a front panel DB-9 connector, labeled TEST, providing bit/byte timing for test sets
  • Mechanized Loop Test (MLT) capability (L22 and L23 used together only)
  • Complaint with NEBS Level 3 and UL1950
  • Alarm Cut Off (ACO) pushbutton
  • Operates in Host or Client mode for RS-485 chaining applications
  • Provides alarm status to NMA and/or SNMP
  • Provides internal PAD for X.25 NMA network
  • Supports VF Test Access towards Network/Loop
  • Supports in-field software upgrades without affecting service
  • Hot swappable


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ADTRAN 1180008L23 Total Access 1500 SCU, Remote Terminal     

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Weight 5.00 lbs
Dimensions 18.00 × 12.00 × 7.00 in


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