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Positron GAM-24-C - 24 port Access Multiplexer (GAM) with 24 Coax ports and 2 x 10Gbps SFP+ ports. AC 110-220V Power Input[GAM-24-C]

Positron GAM-24-C - 24 port Access Multiplexer (GAM) with 24 Coax ports and 2 x 10Gbps SFP+ ports. AC 110-220V Power Input[GAM-24-C]

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The GAM is designed to optimize coverage in an MDU / MTU over the existing wiring infrastructure to avoid the high cost of installing new fiber inside these buildings. When using a GAM-24-C, it is possible to serve up to 384 subscribers over a coaxial infrastructure. This is achieved since natively operates in point-to-multipoint mode with standard coax splitters (up to 1:16 per port). The GAM terminates the links with a client device such as the Positron G1000-M or G1000-C managed end-points from Positron. Compliant Residential Gateways with built-in client support or with SFP ports are also fully supported.

The Positron GAM-24-C for Coax can deliver Gigabit services to 2600 feet (800 meters) on RG-6 and to 1000 feet (300 meters) on RG-59! 


The ITU-T G.9960 Wave-2 standard is designed to leverage the existing RG-6/RG-59 coaxial cable to deliver a Gigabit Internet service to each subscriber without the complexity and delays associated with in-building fiber installation. is increasingly used as an Access Technology by Operators looking to simplify their access network and their backend infrastructure with an Ethernet-like technology that is highly scalable without some of the inherent complexity of DSL-related technologies.

With, Operators deliver advanced services such as Gigabit High Speed Residential Internet and 4K IPTV without the high capital cost of a fiber retrofit. Each subscriber port supports up to 1.7 Gbps of dynamically allocated bandwidth for near symmetrical Gigabit services over the existing coaxial cable. The Positron GAM solution is MEF CE 2.0 compliant and is ideally suited to deliver Business Ethernet services in MDU and/or MTU deployments.

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SFP+ offer versatile support for Active Ethernet and for GEPON, 10GEPON, NG-PON2 and XGS-PON via external ONU/ONT devices; Also compatible with 3rd party PON SFP ONT modules

LED Power, RJ45 ports link/active, link
Power Source 12 Vdc / 1A power adapter
Power Consumption Less than 3W
Certification CE mark, FCC Part 15 Class A
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature 25° to 80°C
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% relative, non-condensing
10 Gbps Network-Network Interface (NNI)
2 x SFP+ Ports SFP+ offer versatile support for Actice Ethernet and GEPON, 10GEPON, NG-PON2 and XGS-PON via external ONU/ONT devices. Also compatible with 3rd party PON SFP ONT modules    
       Specification Standards Wave-2 Client, Based on GigaWire Alliance specification and fully compliant with the following ITU-T standards; G.9960 Amendment 2 - System Architecture and PHY layer, G.9961 Data Link Layer, G.9962 Management, G.9964 PSD
Ease of Deployment Support operation over telephone wiring (G1000-M) or coax cabling (G1000-C)
Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Support Supports Point-to-Point (twisted pair and coax) with G1000-M and Point-to-Multipoint operation (coax) for up to 16 G1000-C per port
Ease of Operation Automatic firmware and configuration management via Positron GAM
Encryption AES-128 encryption with individual keys for each end-node under the control of the Positron GAM acting as the Master Node
Modulation and Frequency Band Supports OFDM 200 MHz (Single Input Single Output - SISO) with support for Neighbor Domain Interface Mitigation (NDIM) and Radio Band Notching function allows cohabitation with legacy analog cable TV channels over coax
Bandwidth Management Up to 1.7 Gbps with Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation to optimize throughput based on nature of traffic flows with TDD Multiplexing for programmable upstream / Downstream
Vectoring (Telephone Wiring) Support for VectorBoost™ cloud-based vectoring for Far-end Crosstalk (FEXT) mitigation and improved performance over telephone wiring
Mitigation of Near-end Crosstalk Near End Crosstalk (NEXT) mitigation and support for Neighbor Domain Interface Mitigation (NDIM)
PSD Programmable PSD mask for coexistence with xDSL / Radio and Far End Crosstalk (FEXT) mitigation via cloud-based VectorBoost™ vectoring
Reliability and Resiliency State of the art LDPC Forward Error Correction (FEC)
Part Number 10 GigE SFP+ Ports / Type  Out-of-band Management Ports
GAM-24-C 2 24 Coax (F-type) 4 x 10/100/1000BaseT and 1 x Serial
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