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Positron G-320 IP PBX , 4 x ETH, 1 x T1/E1 PRI, 2 X FXS, 2 x USB, Up to 60 Users[G-320]

Positron G-320 IP PBX , 4 x ETH, 1 x T1/E1 PRI, 2 X FXS, 2 x USB, Up to 60 Users[G-320]

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The G-320 IP PBX is the ideal small business solution for up to 60 users, which combines full function support of a PBX with the integration of T1/E1 and VoIP telephony. It not only supports the telephony needs of small businesses but also offers compelling features such as: “Never miss a call” - where the system will track a person based on the phone numbers provided; “Automated Attendant” - look more professional by having an automated system answer calls and direct users; “Conference Rooms” - never pay for multiple person conference bridges again, which saves money. The business phone system has four Ethernet ports, two Foreign Exchange ports for connecting to a phone or fax machine (2 FXS), an echo canceller and functionality for connecting telephone lines (T1/E1) and two USB ports, transforming this into a truly powerful and flexible system. The G-320 IP PBX is a standalone solution that can be installed on any network quickly and easily with the aid of its web browser based configuration that supports wizard based setups.

• Four Ethernet ports (3 LAN, 1 WAN) • Single/fractional T1/E1 PRI for digital telephone lines • Two connections (2 FXS) for phone or fax • Two high speed USB ports • Hardware echo cancellation • Voicemail to email conversion • Integrated conference rooms • Installs simply and quickly • Supports VoIP out of the box; no upgrades required

Software Features  
Audio Conferencing :

  • Meet-me style room   
  • Flexible management of number of conferences   
  • Participant code access   
  • Moderator lock   
  • Music-on-hold per conference

Caller ID

  • Caller ID for outgoing calls on SIP lines • 
  • Caller ID for internal calls and remote offices   
  • Caller ID blocking   
  • Caller ID on call waiting   
  • Caller ID prefix and suffix   
  • Caller ID per user, per area code, global

Call Queues

  • Agent log in  
  • Skill-based routing  
  •  Priority queuing  
  •  In queue music or messaging  
  •  Remote queue membership   
  • Queue announcements   
  • Queue visualization   
  • Caller breakout options

Intercom and Paging

  • Zone paging  
  •  Desktop paging  
  • Extension paging 
  • Overhead paging

Phone Provisioning

  • Automatic phone provisioning using:
    •  DHCP    
    • SIP SUBSCRIBE option (Yealink, Snom)    
    • Multicast DNS option (Aastra) 
    • Manual phone provisioning option  
    • Interoperability tested with Yealink, Snom  Aastra, Polycom and Cisco SPA brands
    • Expansion module provisioning   (Yealink, Snom, Aastra) •
    • Custom phone templates

User Provisioning

  • User bulk provisioning option 
  • User template assignment  
  • Mobile phone dispatch option  
  • Courtesy phone extension 
  • Forward external number only (secretary call screening)

Calling Features

  • Call park 
  • Call hold  
  • Park and page 
  • Ring groups (ring all, in sequence, audio-out)  
  • Playback option per ring group  
  • Follow me with caller announcement  option  
  • Dial by name directory 
  • Phone number alias 
  • Group call pickup
  • Directed call pickup  
  • Spy call monitoring  
  • Direct inward dialing  
  • Call routing per schedule  
  • Call routing per IVR selection  
  • Call routing per caller ID  
  • Call forward all • Attended transfer  
  • Blind transfer • Busy Lamp Field  
  • On-demand call recording –1 call at a time  
  • Strict call accounting 
  • Flexible outgoing call routes  
  • Failover outgoing call routes  
  • Flexible incoming call routes  
  • Remote users • Inter-branch calling  
  • Point-to-point video calling  
  • Incoming URI calling 
  • Audio-in extension  
  • Routing to user voice mailbox  
  • Corporate call back (DISA)
  • 15 concurrent call channels


  • Deposited on plug-in USB memory stick  
  • Custom voicemail greetings  
  • Voicemail-to-email 
  • Voicemail forwarding  
  • Folders per mailbox 
  • Voicemail management from user portal
  • Caller breakout from voicemail options

Automated Attendant 

  • Unlimited steps  
  • Cascaded IVRs  
  • On-demand time frames 
  • Time-day-date service  
  • Voice prompts  
  • Music on hold (GSM files, audio-in)  
  • User authentication  
  • Custom sound manager  

 System Management

  • Web-based (http) administrator interface 
  • Remote management capability     
  • Web-based user portal  
  • Operator console for call handling  
  • Backup and restore configuration 
  • PBX and network diagnostics  
  • Call recording management 
  • Call detail records management

Hardware Specifications Features

  • Single Compact Flash port 
  • Integrated T1/E1, FXS and Ethernet  
  • Single/fractional T1/E1 PRI for connection to the telephone network  
  • Two Foreign Exchange Station (2 FXS) ports for connecting a phone or fax machine  
  • Four Ethernet ports (3 LAN, 1 WAN) 10/100 Mbps auto MDIX  
  • Hardware based G.168 echo cancellation chip  
  • Two USB ports  
  • Rack mountable

Interfaces •

  • Telephone interface: Fractional T1/E1 RJ-45, two FXS RJ-11  
  • Network interface: four 10/100 Mbps RJ-45  
  • LED indicators: Power, Fault, Network, Link Speed  
  • Standard audio input: Male mono jack 1/8 
  • Standard audio output: Male mono jack 1/8  
  • USB: USB 2.0 (11 Mbps)

Codec Support

  • G.711 u-law & a-law

Dimensions •

  • Width: 12 inches (30.5 cm) •
  • Depth: 5.25 inches (13.3 cm) •
  • Height: 1.83 inches (4.6 cm)

Environmental •

  • Operating temperature: 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C) •
  • Storage temperature: -4 to 185°F (-20 to 85°C) •
  • Humidity: 10% - 80% non-condensing

Standards and Approvals •

  • EMC: FCC Part 15 •
  • Safety: UL 60950

Warranty •

  • 1 year Ordering Information 
Part Number Description
G-320 IP PBX 1 x T1/E1 PRI, 2 FXS, 4 x Ethernet switch, 2X USB
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