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Patton SN4114/JS/EUI SmartNode 4 FXS VoIP Gateway[SN4114/JS/EUI]

Patton SN4114/JS/EUI SmartNode 4 FXS VoIP Gateway[SN4114/JS/EUI]

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SN4114/JS/EUI SmartNode 4 FXS VoIP Gateway, 1x10/100baseT, H.323 and SIP, External UI power

Patton SN4114

The Patton SmartNode SN4114 VoIP gateway comes in three models, or SKU’s.  One model has both FXS and FXO ports, another has four FXO ports, and the third has four FXS ports.

SN4114/2JS2JO/EUI Dual FXS, Dual FXO
SN4114/JO/EUI Quad Port FXO
SN4114/JS/EUI Quad Port FXS

With FXS ports the SN4114 connects to any legacy telephone or PBX and provides dial-tone, ringing, caller-ID and other services.

With FXO ports, the local PSTN can be accessed enabling local calling and enhanced toll-bypass applications while using a single connected telephone.

Patton’s SN4114 VoIP Gateways are often used with 3CX Phone Systems; a guide for configuring these can be found on the 3CX site.

  • Advanced Local Call Switching—Virtual interfaces and routing tables provide industry leading flexibility in call handling programming. Local call switching, soft fallback to alternative routes. Simultaneously connects to multiple SIP services/IP PBXs.
  • Complete SIP and T.38 support—Supports the complete range of industry standard VoIP: SIP, H.323, T.38 fax, fax and modem handling, DTMF relay. Codecs G.729, G.723, etc.
  • Easy Management & Provisioning—Web-based management, SNMP, command line interface. Automated mass provisioning for efficient large-scale deployments.
  • Outstanding Interoperability—Proven integration for voice and T.38 fax with 3CX®, Asterisk™, PingTel™ and other leading IP PBX systems and soft switch vendors.
  • Supported by SmartNode™ Redirection Service: A free service enabling zero-touch mass deployments for Service Providers and Distributors with auto-provisioning servers.



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     SmartNode 4 FXS VoIP Gateway