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Patton SmartNode SN2290 Analog-over-IP Leased Line Extender | 2 or 4 lines[SN2290]

Patton SmartNode SN2290 Analog-over-IP Leased Line Extender | 2 or 4 lines[SN2290]

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The SmartNode 2290 Series Leased Line Extender enables end users to deploy such leased-line applications an ""always-on"" connections over the Internet or other IP networks. Install only one Extender on each side to transport up to four audio leased-lines over a packet-based network. This means you can establish up to four leased-line circuits between two Internet access locations anywhere in the world!

Many service providers are discontinuing their TDM backbone networks and analog leased-line offerings. The 2290 series offers service providers a chance to offer the same always-on services as analog leased lines over their new, coverged-IP networks.

For enterprises, the SN2290 offers a chance to migrate to best effort networks like the Internet and enjoy the same benefits of using analog leased lines with the existing local area network they have already deployed. In addition, it allows them to use LANs to provide intraoOffice always-on lines instead of a dedicated web of telephone wires.

After installation, the connection between two 2290 extenders establishes immediately, and re-establishes itself after any network disruption. The connection can also be secured with hardware-accelerated 3DES or AES encryption end-to-end. Such security technology prevents wiretapping, making Patton the ideal choice for security-conscious enterprises.


  • Service Providers—Offer the same old analog leased line service on the Internet with highly reduced capital and operational expenditure even as you migrate away from TDM
  • Enterprises—Enjoy the benefits of using leased lines on Enterprise IP networks without the hassles of telephone wires
  • Security—Connections are always ON and securely encrypted with IPsec and IKE
  • Quality of Service—Advanced Traffic Management and Shaping, combined with Patton’s DownStream QOS™ enforce uninterrupted toll-quality voice over best-effort networks
  • Access Router Functions—Integrated Access router functions with NAT, Firewall, ACL, PPPoE, DHCP, DynDNS and VLAN
  • Easy to Monitor and Control—In-Band (RS-232 Console Port) and Out-of-Band Management Capabilities (TELNET and HTTP)
  • Four RJ-11 and two 10/100 Ethernet ports—Convert up to four analog circuits to routed IP transport with end-to-end delivery across one or two Ethernet connections.



2 VoIP lines (2292) * 4 VoIP lines (2294)

Audio connectivity ?2-wire RJ-11 * Bandwidth 4kHz * Impedance 600-ohm * Narrow Band FXS style hybrid transmit/receive
Data Services

?Two 10/100 Ethernet ports * Complete IP access router * DHCP Client & server * Packet fragmentation * Static firewall, NAT, NAPT RFC 1631 access control lists * DMZ port * IPsec, IKE, AES/DES/3DES Encryption

Quality of Service ?Audio priority * DownStreamQoS? * Traffic management, shaping and policing * IEEE 802.1p, TOS, DiffServ labeling * IEEE 802.1Q, VLAN tag insertion/deletion (simultaneous support of multiple VLANs)
Voice Signaling SIPv2 (B2BUA capable, multi-instance, simultaneous support of multiple registrars and direct IP dialing) * SIP call transfer, redirect * DTMF in-band & out of- band
Voice Processing ?CODEC G.711 a-law/mu-law, G.723, G.729ab, * G.726, G.727
Management CLI with local console and remote Telnet access * ?Web/HTTP, TFTP configuration & firmware loading * SNMP MIB II and product MIB * Secure Mass provisioning for both firmware and unit configuration * Built-in diagnostic tools (trace, debug, call generator)
System ?CPU Motorola MPC875 @66MHz * Memory 32MB SDRAM/8MB Flash * Power 100?240 VAC (50/60Hz) * Power dissipation 4- 8W, model dependent
Temperature 32?104?F (0?40?C)
Humidity 5?80%, non-condensing
Compliance CE Compliance

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# Model # Description Availability
1 2292/EUI SmartNode Dual CHANNEL, 2-WIRE Leased Line over IP REPEATER, Encryption, EUI Power General Availability
2 2294/EUI SmartNode Quad CHANNEL, 2-WIRE Leased Line over IP REPEATER, Encryption, EUI Power General Availability