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The CellPipe™ Integrated Access Device (IAD) Solutions are a family of IADs that use fast, reliable xDSL or T1 technology to deliver integrated voice and data services. These multiprotocol CellPipe IADs are ideal for enterprise and home office settings. Each CellPipe IAD combines routing and bridging functions in a single device for low-cost, high-quality, and high-speed access to private networks and the Internet. CellPipe IAD Solutions provide carriers and users with accelerated access to nextgeneration network services, including Internet and intranet access, Web-based research, videoconferencing, voice-over-IP (VoIP), ecommerce, Web hosting, and more.

The CellPipe IAD 8S. This 8-port model uses SDSL technology to deliver integrated voice (via eight POTS ports) and data (via one 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interface) services over existing singlepair copper lines.


Integrated voice and data for next-generation xDSL networks

CellPipe IADs offer a versatile and cost-effective way to access voice and data applications via ADSL, SDSL, or T1 network connections. These compact units deliver savings on hardware and deployment costs by consolidating voice and data connections over a single, high-speed DSL line. With routing and bridging in one unit, CellPipe IADs eliminate the need for separate devices for LAN and Internet access. And by supporting both ATM and frame relay access protocols, the IADs maximize network design flexibility. These units bridge the gap between traditional telephony and Internet access capabilities by supporting traditional voice features delivered over a packetized network.

Versatile multiprotocol support
CellPipe IADs support a wide range of protocols and features, including IP routing, point-to-point protocol (PPP), ATM, frame relay, and standard bridging protocols. Coupled with FRF.5 and FRF.8 frame relay-to-ATM conversion support, the CellPipe IAD can be deployed in a number of different network scenarios. This multiprotocol support provides flexibility and investment protection for both carriers and subscribers.

Cost-effective Network Address Translation
Network Address Translation (NAT) assigns a transparent network address to each CellPipe IAD. This enables cost-effective Internet access by allowing end-users to access the Internet with unregistered network IP addresses for the duration of a session. And NAT eliminates the cost and complexity of obtaining and owning dedicated IP addresses.

Automatic configuration with TURN-UP
These units support TURN-UP, an installation utility that enables timesaving configuration. TURN-UP automatically provides each CellPipe IAD unit with configuration information through any router or bridge that can terminate a VC or PPP connection on an ISP’s network. With TURN-UP, users can get their CellPipe IAD units up and running with minimal time and effort. TURN-UP also eliminates the need for service provider truck rolls and provides a mechanism to centrally manage user configurations.

Streamlined management and deployment
Each CellPipe IAD model offers embedded simple network management protocol (SNMP) software to streamline network monitoring, management, and configuration. And with Lucent’s TURN-UP™ customer premises equipment (CPE) auto-provisioning system, users can get their CellPipe IAD 4, and 8-port models (4A, 4S, 8S, and 8T) up and running with minimum time and effort.


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