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Esteem 210C

Esteem 210C

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The ESTeem 210C long-range outdoor wireless router with one Ethernet port (10/100/1G) and one independent Serial RS-232C data port is the perfect radio solution designed for the rigors of the Industrial, Public Safety, and Federal markets when the UHF band is needed for terrain coverage.  The Model 210C Data Radio is a narrow band licensed radio with selectable Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) that delivers up to 64.8 Kbps of data rate over distances greater than 10 miles in high noise environments depending on the antenna used.  Wireless networks over large geographical areas can be a reality using the internal Mesh-Repeating feature.  The 210C also has a Client Mode feature so it can be used in mobile applications for roaming under a 210C RF canopy.


  • 10+ Mile Nominal Range
  • Digital Repeating Feature
  • Industrial Hardened Case
  • Extended Temperature  Specifications
  • Ethernet (10/100/1GHz) Port
  • Serial RS-232 Communications Port
  • User Programmable from Ethernet or USB Configuration Port

Modes of Operation

  • Ethernet Networks
    • Access Point Bridge
    • Ethernet Bridge Mode
    • Repeater Mode
    • Station Bridge Modes (Mobile)
  • Serial Networks
    • Point to Point
    • Point to Multipoint
    • Repeater Mode
    • Client Modes (Mobile)
  • Ethernet and Serial Networks
    • Legacy Product Support
    • Simultaneous Ethernet and Serial Device Connections


  • AES Encryption (CCMP)
  • Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP)
  •  128/64 Bit  WEP Encryption


Software Features

  • High Security AES Encryption. The 210C radio modem uses the high-security 128-bit AES-CCMP required in most municipal, public safety and federal applications. 
  • Network Optimization.  Networking features such as Static ARP Tables and IP Address Whitelist will allow enhanced network operation through limited bandwidth.
  • Enhanced Network Operation.  The 210C includes support for VLAN pass-through and network optimization to support enhanced network functionality.
  • Internal Digital Repeater Capability.  To extend the radio range over line-of-sight obstacles to cover large geographical areas.

Our Model 210C serial and Ethernet radios provide outstanding service covering a wide range of operation modes, including as a long range wireless bridge or as a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint serial network. Review the Specifications & Illustrations and then contact ESTeem Customer Support at 301.924.7400 x25

All ESTeem products are designed and manufactured with pride in the USA.


Frequency of Operation (Software Selectable) 450 to 470 MHz
Frequency Selectability 6.25 KHz
Frequency Stability ± 1.5 ppm
RF Data Rate @ 6.25 KHz Channel Bandwith 9.6 Kbps (4 QAM), 19.2 Kbps (16 QAM),  28.8 Kbps (64 QAM) (software selectable)
RF Data Rate @ 12.5 KHz Channel Bandwidth 21.6 Kbps (4 QAM), 43.2 Kbps (16 QAM), 64.8 Kbps (64 QAM) (software selectable)
RF Output Power @ 50 ohms (Z) 2 Watts (average)/ 10 Watts (peak)
TX Duty Cycle 100%
Transmitter Spurious & Harmonics > 55 dB down from carrier
Transmitter Rise Time 1 mSec
RX Sensitivity -109 dBm (4 QAM) to -100 dBm (64 QAM)
Receiver Spurious & Image Rejection > 50 dB
Receiver Squelch Sensitivity Software Adjustable
Receiver Adjacent Channel Rejection > 70 dB
LED Indicators  
Front Panel Power (On/Off) - Transmitter (On/Off) - Rx Carrier Detect (On/Off) - Status (On/Off) - RSSI (16 levels)
Input/Output Interfaces  
Ethernet Port (10/100/1G) RJ-45 Female
Radio Configuration Port Mini-USB Port
RS-232C  Comm Port (2,400 to 115.2 K baud) 9 Pin D-Sub Female
Antenna Input/Outputs TNC Female Connector (50 ohm)
Input Power Mini-Combicon, 3 pin Female
CPU Reset Front Panel (Push button)
Power Requirements  
Power Supply Voltage 10.8 to 16 VDC
Power Supply Current 400 mA Receive, 2 A Transmit (2 W)
Temperature Range -30 to +60 degrees C.
Humidity 95% Non Condensing
Dimensions 2.45 in. (H) x 8.16 in. (W) x 9.37 in. (L)
Weight 5 Lbs.
Type Acceptance  
Industry Canada 2163A-ESTEEM210C
Product Warranty  
Period 1 Year

Esteem 210C