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Esteem 195H[195H]

Esteem 195H[195H]

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The ESTeem Model 195H industrial wireless router is the perfect radio solution designed for the rigors of the Industrial, Public Safety, and Federal markets when the VHF band is needed for terrain coverage.

These narrow band-compliant VHF radios operate in the 217-220 MHz frequency band and provide Ethernet, Serial RS-232C, RS-422, RS485 and 4 Channel Sensor Interface in a single wireless modem. The 195H industrial wireless router can cover distances greater than 10 miles in high noise environments depending on the antenna used. For added flexibility, the 195H is downward compatible to the ESTeem Model 192M/MHP series. You can create wireless networks over large geographical areas by using the internal Digi-Repeating feature, which makes all remote locations possible repeater sites.

Review the literature below to learn more about Model 195H Ethernet/serial radios and then contact us to benefit from ESTeem’s industrial wireless expertise.

All ESTeem products are designed and manufactured with pride in the USA.


  • 10+ Mile Nominal Range
  • Industrial Hardened Case
  • Direct Outdoor Pole Mountable
  • Extended Temperature  Specifications
  • Ethernet Communications Port
  • Serial RS-232 Communications Port
  • Rs-422 and RS-485 Communications Port
  • 4 Channels of 4/20mA Sensor Input

Modes of Operation

  • Ethernet Bridge Mode
  • Point-to-Point
  • Point-to-Multipoint

Repeater Modes

Latest 195M Firmware Version

Current Firmware Releases:  The 195 Narrow Band radios have three optimized firmware versions based upon their primary use (Ethernet, Serial or 192 Compatibility).  All three firmware versions are loaded in the ESTeem Discovery Suite and can easily be selected when configuring the radios.

Ethernet Optimization – Firmware Version: 201905160829
Serial & PLC Protocol Optimization – Firmware Version: 201905160828 (Loaded by Default)
Legacy 192 Compatibility – Firmware Release: 201905160827

For instructions on how to update the modem, please contact ESTeem Customer Support at 301.924.7400 x25 or follow the procedure in the User’s Manual.  All firmware updates are contained in the ESTeem 195 M/H/C Configuration Utilities which can be found in the following location.  No additional downloads are required.

  • ESTeem Discover Suite and Configuration Utility


Technical Specifications
Frequency of Operation (Software Selectable) 217 to 220 Mhz (6.25KHz / 12.5 KHz & 50KHz Channel Spacing)
Frequency Stability, -30C to +60C +/- 0.25ppm
RF Data Rate @ 12.5Khz channel spacing (4.8Kbps @ 6.25KHz) (12.5Kbps @ 12.5KHz) (25Kbps @ 25KHz) & (50Kbps @ 50KHz)
Tx Output Power (Software Adjustable) 0.5 to 4 Watts
Tx Output Impedance 50 ohms
Rx Sensitivity (-114 dBm @ 6.25KHz) (-111dBm @ 12.5KHz) (-108 dBm @ 25KHz) & (-105 dBm @ 50KHz)
Rx Adjacent Channel Rejection
>55 dB
LED Indicators Power (48VDC, 12V-Aux), Status Multi-Color LED (Tx, Rx, Rx-Valid, Rx-Error), RS-232 Tx/Rx, RS-485 Tx/Rx, RS-422 Tx/Rx, Ethernet Activity / Link
Power Requirements  
External 48 VDC Power Supply, EST P/N (tba) 30 Watts, RJ-45 Connector, Cat 5 Cable (300 Ft Maximum)
External DC Power Input 10.8 to 15 VDC
Input/Output Connectors  
Ethernet Port (10/100) RJ-45 Female
Serial Data Interfaces (One of four selectable) RJ-45 Female
Antenna Input/Output TNC Female Connector
External DC Input Power Mini-Combicon, 3 pin female
Serial Data Interface, Master PLC mode protocols supported by auto-digi-repeater function Allen Bradley DF1, Opto22, Modbus RTU/ASCII, and Transparent protocols
Ethernet Interface protocols supported for remote access via ARP proxy on Master Gateway Unit ICMP Echo (ping), Modbus/TCP (Aux Voltage, 4-20mA readings, RSSI, MCU
Core Temperature), Remote Configuration
Ethernet Interface protocols (direct access only) Telnet, IP Configuration, Firmware upgrades
Mechanical / Environmental  
Temperature Range  -30° to +60° C
Humidity 95% Non-condensing
Dimensions 1.9 in. H x 6.7 in. W x 6.2 in. L
Weight 1.25 lbs.
Product Warranty 1 Year
Outdoor Pole Mount Kit AA195PM
48 VDC Power Supply AA175.3
RJ-45 To DB9 Serial Adaptor AA0621.1
RJ-45 To Terminal Block Adaptor AA066
Antennas/Surge Protectors/Cables, etc. Contact Data Connect for various options at or call 301.924.7400 x.17

Esteem 195H