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Enterasys InterSpeed DART (600-00012) Remote Access Server +CPE[ENTDART+CPE]

Enterasys InterSpeed DART (600-00012) Remote Access Server +CPE[ENTDART+CPE]

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The Interspeed DART is an innovative product that offers high performance Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) functionality in an extremely affordable stand-alone solution.

Service Providers and Multi-tenant Unit (MTU) managers will save money, time and space with the DART's integrated solution architecture. The DART performs DSL access concentration, termination, IP routing, Layer 2 switching, WAN access and VPN management in a single easy-to-use package.

Supporting up to 8 DSL ports, the DART ensures small businesses, campuses, providers and MTUs will receive unmatched Internet services for the lowest system cost per port on the market.

The CPE - Xpeed X320R SDSL Modem/Routers (refurbished)
SDSL technology enables low-cost and rapid deployment of high-speed digital access services by re-using existing infrastructure of metal telephone lines.

The SDSL Xpeed X320 Ethernet Modem/Router enables a LAN connection environment by using existing (dry) phone lines, and can accomplish a data transfer rate of up to 2.3Mbps in both directions. It also supports a transfer distance of up to 7km (3.5km for 2.3Mbps max speed).

When you purchase this package You will receive: One (1) Enterasys InterSpeed DART (600-00012) Remote Access Server and Eight (8) Xpeed X320R SDSL Modem/Routers (refurbished).