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Draytek Vigor 3300B+ Enterprise Multiservice Security Router[Vigor3300B+]

Draytek Vigor 3300B+ Enterprise Multiservice Security Router[Vigor3300B+]

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The Vigor 3300 series delivers enterprise level security and fault tolerance to small and medium sized companies. Key features include load-sharing between different ISP lines, device redundancy, Virtual Private Networking up to 200 users, firewall, content filtering, QoS and bandwidth management. This is an unbelievably feature packed product at one fourth the cost of competing products. The key distinction between 3300B and 3300V is the number of WAN ports (3 vs. 4), and the 3300B has no VOIP option (cannot be upgraded).


Secure Remote Access VPN for SME
Reduce deployment costs and increase business efficiency
The Vigor3300B+ is a fault tollerant multi-service broadband router that provides IPSec VPN of up to 128 tunnels simultaneously; and moreover, the throughput can reach 30Mbps when encrypted by 3DES or AES. Such features enable customers the ability to enjoy privacy and broad bandwidth over public network and will reduce costs dramatically. The Firewall built into the Vigor3300B+ features overall packet inspections, including Access Control, SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection), DoS (Denial of Service) Prevention and so forth. URL content filtering can lock or exclude prohibited websites and thus helps to maintain discipline at work and can effectively block vicious ActiveX, Java Script, Java Applet, exe, zip applications before they become a threat.

High Availability
System and device redundancy for maintaining network operation all the time
High Availability (HA) is a device redundancy solution for maintaining network operation in the event of device failure. The Vigor3300B+ adopts active/passive mode to achieve high availability. One device acts as the master and the other as slave. Only the master is active under normal conditions; the master simultaneously breeds all of its network and configuration settings and the current session information to the slave. If the master should fail (shutdown or crash), the slave will automatically switch from passive to active mode and take over all the traffic processing. The Vigor 3300B+'s high availability features include the following benefits.


Click Here for a High Availability (HA) Example using the Vigor 3300B+ Enterprise Multiservice Security Router

Load Balancing
Reduce enterprise high speed trunk fee by intelligently distributing network traffic
The Vigor3300 series supports load balancing functions to intelligently distribute network traffic to the Internet. With it's load balancing feature, administrators can set a balanced traffic allocation between wide-spread servers across the world and in turn greatly improve the data communication efficiency. Load balancing also can help enterprises to restrict users' available bandwidth according to the amount of sessions, or the settings of flow quantity for saving network resources and effectively managing bandwidth.

Centralized Management
Provides intuitive management for multiple sites simultaneously
With the development of businesses requiring remote control over Offices/ Branches, the Vigor 3300B+ becomes a crucial element for enterprises to reduce costs and improve management efficiency. The Vigor3300 offers a set of intelligent EMS (Element Management System) to meet that specific need. The management of Configuration, Monitoring, Deployment, Topology, Security and Backend Storage as well as fault monitoring are integrated into this single management system. Network administrators can get current status reports first hand from the EMS through e-mail alarms or via SMS automatically whenever abnormities occur in the network.


Model Name Description
Vigor3300B+ Enterprise Multiservice Security Router