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Cisco Long Reach Ethernet Modems
Cisco 575 LRE CPE - PN: CISCO575-LRE

Product Details

Cisco 575 LRE CPE device: One RJ-45 Fast Ethernet port and two RJ-11 ports

The Cisco 575 LRE Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) are low-cost, compact devices that bridge Long-Reach Ethernet (LRE) and Ethernet traffic. They support Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) traffic, including digital phones, that co-exists over the same LRE line.

The Cisco 575 LRE CPE operate only with the Catalyst 2900 LRE XL and Catalyst 2950 LRE Series switches as part of the Cisco Long-Reach Ethernet networking solution.

Each LRE port is terminated in the room with the Cisco 575 LRE Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) device. This compact device bridges LRE and Ethernet, and provides one RJ-45 Ethernet connection and two RJ-11 connectors—one for the wall and one for a telephone.

The Cisco 575 LRE CPE device can be mounted on or under a desk, or on a wall.

The Cisco 575 LRE CPE device supports POTS traffic—including ISDN or digital phones—that coexists over the same LRE line by splitting LRE and POTS traffic at the CPE device. A POTS Splitter is required for connectivity to the PBX and LRE switch stack.

 (Typical LRE Application Diagram)

This is a refurbished product.  The Cisco 575-LREs are packaged in clean white or brown boxes and each unit includes: CPE, Power Supply, Telco, and Ethernet Cables.