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Alcatel SpeedTouch PRO ADSL Router[ALSPTOUCHPRO]

Alcatel SpeedTouch PRO ADSL Router[ALSPTOUCHPRO]

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Take a look at the full-featured SpeedTouch Pro ADSL Router, now that's something the whole office can get on board with. At up to 200 times faster than traditional modems, and with the capabilities to dynamically assign IP addresses, or allow multiple systems to share a single IP address, the Speed Touch Pro is all about ROI. And the color of the SpeedTouch Pro? It's in the black, of course.

• High-speed Internet access and regular phone service on the same line.

• up to 8mbps downstream, 1mbps upstream

• OS independent

• Connects to your PC/LAN via Ethernet or ATMF (optional)

• Single Ethernet Port version

• Allows multiple users to share a single ADSL connection and WAN IP address

• Web-based user-interface

• No software installation

• "Always on" (bridged) and dialup (ppp) modes

This is a refurbished product.