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3Com HomeConnect ADSL Dual-Link Modem[3CP4130]

3Com HomeConnect ADSL Dual-Link Modem[3CP4130]

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Two (or More) Are Better Than One! With this award-winning modem, two Windows computers can share one connection to the DSL line. The modem's two ports—USB and 10BASE-T Ethernet—make sharing DSL especially easy and cost effective for the home, small office, and telecommuting.

To have more than two computers share the DSL line, connect the modem to your LAN. Broadband Internet service may not be available in all areas. 3Com cable and DSL products are not currently available for sale through the 3Com Web site. Contact your local phone company or Internet service provider for availability of broadband products and services in your area.

Actual speeds may vary depending on services offered by your local provider and on factors including, but not limited to: your computer equipment, your provider's equipment, and network conditions.

  • Before ordering this modem, please review the product datasheet for system requirements and other important information
  • Lets two PCs access two different locations simultaneously
  • Built-in bridging: LAN users can access up to eight locations simultaneously
  • Include virtually any computer on your LAN
  • Dual Link Manager software walks you through installation step by step
  • Inner/Outer Pair Autodetect eliminates the need to rewire jacks
  • Instant update alerts you to new software and can download it automatically
  • Play on the Internet while another user is on the corporate intranet
  • Telecommuters: Connect your laptop and a desktop simultaneously
  • Fast performance: Up to 8 Mbps downstream, 1 Mbps upstream

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