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2Wire Home DSL Filter Kit ~ 25-Pack[2WFILTERKIT]

2Wire Home DSL Filter Kit ~ 25-Pack[2WFILTERKIT]

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2Wire Home DSL Filter Kit ~ 25-Pack

DSL micro filters are used to connect telephones at the customer premises to the premises telephone wiring. They are designed to prevent interference between the modem or router and the telephone set, and to reduce the effect of POTS-generated noise on the ADSL transceiver.


2Wire DSL Filters Filter Kit

Each 2Wire DSL Filter kit is individually packaged in it's own plastic bag.

Each Kit contains: One (1) Tool-less Modular Wall Mount Filter, One (1) Telco Line 'Y' Splitter, and Four (4) In-line ADSL Micro Filters.

Here's a breakdown of what you will get when you buy (25) 2Wire DSL Home Filter Kits:


  • Qty (25) - Tool-less Modular Wall Mount Filters - Model No. LFT4-1-WMPT, Assembly No. 4200-000089-000
  • Qty (25) - Telco Line 'Y' Splitters
  • Qty (100) - In-line ADSL Micro Filters - Model No. LFT4-1PT, Assembly No. 4200-000088-000


2Wire Tool less Wall Mount DSL Filter